Chapter 18 Take a knife to scratch her face

  Chen Yuan looked at him. He coughed softly and was about to speak whileChen’s parentswalked intothe ward.

  "Dad, Mom."

  "Uncle, aunt."

  Gu Shaoze got up and looked at thempolitely and distantly. "I have a meeting at 3 pm. I shouldgo home to change clothes and go to the company."

  Chen’s parentsfaintlynodded.

  Gu Shaoze left the ward directly.

  Mrs. Chen sat besidethe bed and pettedChen Yuan's face. "Yuan Yuan, why do you humiliate yourself like this? Withyour conditions, you can find any man that can compare toGu Shaoze. Besides, he still has a wife.People are secretly talking about that you area mistress, which makes me feel miserable."

  “So what? I’ve got waysto let him quickly divorce Tang. Gu is the man I like,andI would never give up.Dad, mom, yourdaughter has been aggrievedtoomuch this time. You shouldhelp me and put pressure on the Gufamily properly. I don't want to be a bride when others can see that I’m pregnant. Itdoesn’t look good.”

  Chen Yuan said with fullconfidence. She cast thenet a year ago. It was not easy for her to let Gu Shaoze walk into the trap. Now that she was also pregnantsuccessfullywith his child, how could she let him go obediently?

  Seeing her like this, Mrs. Chen could only agree to her, " Don't worry, I'll ask Mrs.Gu out and talk to herlater, but after getting married, stop playing around.Don’t always makegossip. Family like the Gu’s put strong emphasis on reputation."

  "Mom, don't worry, I will be careful."

  Chen Yuan squinted, hereyes flashing the light of winning.


  Tang Yaothrew hercell phone on the bed angrily, poured herself a glass of water and gulped it down.

  Because of her family, the environment in which she grew up wasvery complicated, and she wasalways bullied by other children, so Tang Yaohad been trained to be calm and self-sustaining, but now she wasreally angry.

  Chen Yuan had an accident after drinking wine yesterday. It was quite weird. Gu Shaoyun was also thereat that time. And she just directly made a conclusionthat itwasher who put the drug in the wine. Normally, she would not have a suspicion of herunless Gu Shaoyun already knew that there was something in the glass of wine.

  Tang Yaosquinted hereyes and was feeling that some truth was about to break through the ground.

  At noon, the servant knocked at the door outside.

  She got up and went to open the door. The servant stood outside with food and looked at her nervously. "Madam, the housekeeper asked me to prepare it for you. Please eat secretly. Don't let Mrs.Gufind out. She told us not to prepare food for youtoday."

  Tang Yaoknew that Mrs. Guwould definitely do such a thing. When Gu Shaoze came back, she would alsoconfuse right and wrong.

  Shetook the food from the servant, "Thank the housekeeper for me. I accept his kindness."

  "Yes, madam, I'll come up to collect the dishes later."

  When the servant left, Tang Yaosat down with the dishes and looked at the delicate and delicious food on the plate. She was very hungry, but had no appetite at all.

  She reluctantly finished the food, took the plateinto the bathroom to wash and put it aside. She wasgoing to go out for a walkwhen shesaw Gu Shaoyun go upstairs. Her eyes went darkand kept staring at Gu Shaoyun.

  "Gu Shaoyun." She called her.

  Obviously,Gu Shaoyun also came to see her. Hearing her calling, she came upaggressively.

  Tang Yaotook her by the hand, dragged her directly into the room, propped her up against the wall, and stared at her with her aggressiveeyes.

  "It was you that put something inYuan's winelast night, wasn't it?"

  Gu Shaoyun didn’tdeny it, but instead looked at Tang Yaodefiantly. "Yes, so what?I don't like you. If yousensiblyget out of my homequickly, maybe I can give you asum ofdivorce money. Otherwise, I'm sure you won't get a dimein the future."

  Tang Yao was so angry that the vein of her neck were exposed.

  " Shaoyun, I believe that I’ve always been nice for you. I have done my duty as a sister-in-law. I have bought you everything you want."

  "You dare to say that."

  Gu Shaoyun scoffed. "What did you buy for me? My friend's sister-in-law either bought her famous brandthingsor limited edition sports cars. What about you? Once I wanted abag,you told my brother that I gota lot of bags and told medon’twaste money. I wanted a sports car, then you still stopped my brother from buying it for me. You have no idea howmuch I hate you."

  She leaned over to Tang Yao. "At that time, you didn't know how much I hated you. Now Chen Yuan finallygets pregnant. Of course I will take advantage of this child to kickyou out of the family. Chen Yuan is a daughter ofa rich family. She is much more generous than you. We only know each other for a couple days. She has already sent me a lot of precious things. How about you? You look shabby all day long. How can you beworthy of mybrother?"

  Tang Yaowas so angry that she raised herhandand slappedher face directly.

  Gu Shaoyun’s face was slapped to the otherside.

  It took her a long time to realize that she was slapped.

  She stared at Tang Yaoand gnashed her teeth. " How dare you hit me?"

  " Gu Shaoyun, I always thought you were just wilful. I didn't expect you to be so cruel."

  Tang Yaolooked at Gu Shaoyun angrily. She gave in again and again. Why did the mother and daughter have to force heragain and again? Do they want to force her to die?

  "Tang Yao, I will make you pay for this slap."

  After saying that, Gu Shaoyun pushed Tang Yaoaway and ran out. Soon, Mrs. Gu and Gu Shaoyun crashed into the roomwith several servants.

  "Take her down." Mrs.Gu angrily said.

  Several servantsdirectly rushed up and adeptly caught Tang Yao. One of them kicked her in the back foot. Tang Yaofelt the painand knelt on the ground directly withone knee.

  Mrs. Gu walked over, liftedup Tang Yao's chin, and slappedon her face.

  Tang Yaowas beatenand her mouth was bleeding. She stubbornlylooked at Mrs.Gu.

  "Mom, I can accuse you of deliberately hurting me. Either you let me go now, or I will call the police directly. At that time, let’s see who is going tolose herface." Tang Yaosaid harshly.

  Mrs. Gu laughed scornfully and leaned forward to Tang Yao. " Tang Yao, I know the police directorsof every district in JinCity. You can call the police and I'll let people shut it down. Of course, if you want to make a big deal out of it, let’ssee who is going to suffer in the end."

  Tang Yaostared at Mrs. Gu, her eyes shining with determinedlight.

  Mrs. Gu asked the servant to bring the prepared fruit knife. One of the servants hesitated fora while and tried to persuade her but was slapped byGu Shaoyun.

  "Coward, get out."

  The servant had togetout,covering herface in herhands and.

  Mrs.Gutook the fruit knife and gently tapped Tang Yao’s face with the knife. " Tang Yao, this is the face you used to captivatemy son. IfI scratch it, let’s see whether Shaoze will still be infatuated with you as before."

  After saying that, she raised her knife.

  Tang Yaolooked at the knife getting closer and closer to her face,hereyes could not help but flash across a trace of fluster. There was only one thought in hermind, which was Mrs.Gu was insane.

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