Chapter 17 Be Sure to Kick Her Out of the Family

  She stormed out of the door and looked down at the servants gathering downstairs who wanted to watch a scene of bustle. "Listen, all of you,if anyone who dares to be nice to Tangand listen to herin the future, get out of my house as soon as possible. In half a year,I would make this jinx get out of the family with nothing taken away.”

  "Yes, madam." The servantsreplied in unison.

  In the bathroom, Tang Yaoquan just pretended that she didn’thear what Mrs. Gu said.

  She hadlistened to these words for several years, and Mrs.Gu indeed had done things in this way.

  She couldn't understand why Mrs.Gu hated her so much. No matter how much she flattered her, her dislike for her would never change.

  Looking at the swollen face in the mirror, Tang Yao's eyes turneddim thenbright.

  " Ouch..."

  Tang Yaocarefully touched the injured face and the pain made her gasp.

  After applyingthe plaster to her face, it still looked very red and swollen. She sighed in a low voice.

  Out of the bathroom, Tang Yaowanted to go downstairs to find something to eat, but when the servants saw her,they allavoidedeye contact with her.

  "Madamsaid, no breakfast will be offered if it the breakfast time is passed." One of the servants said cautiously.

  Tang Yaonodded, did not deliberately embarrass the servant, and turned away.

  After leaving the villa, she planned to drive downtown for some food, but was told that the car had to be repairedand she could not drive it at present.

  Tang Yaofelt a little angry deep inside, but still held backtheanger and went back to the villa.

  Back to the villa, she saw that Mrs.Gu was tellingthe servants to move her clothes from her bedroom. She hurried up and stopped the servants.

  " Mom, I haven't divorced Shaoze yet. If you do this, aren't you afraid of people saying that your family istoocruel?" Tang Yaogritted her teeth and said.

  Mrs.Gu crossed her arms, raising her eyebrow,and looked at Tang Yaohaughtily. “It’s my son whoboughtallthese clothes for you. That isto say, it’s the Gu family's property. I’m dealing my ownfamily's property. How can others comment on that?"

  Tang Yaowas so angry that she burst into laughter.

  "Mom, you only got this little tolerance. Youare really not as good as other wealthy ladies I know. They are much better than you in terms of knowledge, education and speech. At least they won't take their daughter-in-law's clothesto do things like this. If you like my clothes, you cantell me. I would justgive them directly to you. Why should you act like a robber?"

  Being bulliedto such an extent, Tang Yaohad lost her rational thinking and didn’t watch her language, but every word she said wasdefinitely her heartfelt words.

  Mrs. Gu's behaviorwenttoo far. Compared with those noble ladies, she was much worse.

  "Tang Yao, great, you are getting bolder now, even dare to criticizeme."

  Mrs. Gu's face became ferocious, directly telling the servant to take all of Tang Yao's clothes downstairs and burn them down.

  She would like to see who dared to say that she, the milady of the Gu’s,was uneducated. Only an uneducated woman like Tang would dare to pointed at her nose and said that to her.

  How on earth did she dare to do that?

  Tang Yaowas devastated by Mrs. Gu and did not stop the servant from taking her clothesdownstairs. She knew that Mrs. Gu was going to vex herto the end . Even if she wanted to stop her, she still could findanother way to let the servant burn these clothes.

  " Mom, enjoy yourself. I'll go to another guest room tohave arest."

  Mrs. Gu saw Tang Yao showed thatindifferent look again. She got extremely angry. The calm of Tang seemed to say that she was the one who was being unreasonable.

  "Tang Yao, stoprightthere."

  Tang Yaostopped, helplessly looking at Mrs. Gu.

  "Mom, I haven't divorced Shaoze yet. At least show mesome respect, saving your son’s face.After all, I was the woman he chose at the beginning. You keep makingsuch a fuss, whichwillindirectly admit that Shaoze had a bad taste back then." She said softly.

  Mrs.Gu opened her mouthtrying to say something.She alsoknew thatit would meana slap in Shaoze’s face if she didthis.How could she admit that her songot a bad taste?

  "Tang Yao,wait and seehow long you can be such a smart talker."

  Tang Yaodidn't say anything, and walked to the right with her back straight.

  Staring at her back, Mrs.Gu bitterlygritted her teeth. Sooner or later, she wouldkickTang Yaoout of her family like a homeless dog.

  Nothing ofthis woman was worthy of Gu Shaoze.

  Getting intothe innermost guest room in the corridor, Tang Yaoclosed the door, blocking the noise outside and revealinga littleexhaustion on herface.

  All Mrs.Gu did was to spite her. In the past, the reason why she could stick at their marriage was thatshe believed Shaoze loved her. But now, with all the mess, she didn’t know how long she could insist on it.

  She took out her cell phone and suddenly wanted to call Gu Shaoze. She just wanted to hearhis voice. Subconsciously, she also wanted to tell him all the things that Mrs.Gu did to her today.

  The phone rang again and again...

  It took a long time to get through.

  Tang Yaowas holding thephone and suddenly did not know what to say.

  "Yao Yao"

  Gu Shaoze's voicegoingthrough the mobile phone soundeda little tired.

  Tang Yaoclenched her mobile phone, her throatseemed to beblocked by something, and she did not know what to say for a while.

  "How was Chen......"

  After a while, she was trying to say something but was cut in by someone. There came a familiar female voice.

  "Shaoze, Ifelt a little pain in my stomach. Help me give it a rub."

  Tang Yaowas like shockedby a bolt of lightning--- it was Chen Yuan's voice.

  Yesterday, Su Lengmosaidthat Chen Yuan went intothe operating room and the child's condition was unclear. But it seemed shewasall right now.

  That made sense. If therewassomething wrong with Chen, Mrs.Gu wouldn’t have time to come home to torture her.

  "Yao, I'll talk to youabout Chen Yuan when I get back. I'mhangingup."

  Hearing the busy signalin the mobile phone, Tang Yao’s eyes revealed a trace of vacancy.

  After a while, a mocking smile appeared on her face.

  Gu Shaoze, Chen Yuan wasstill more important than me in your heart.


  "Shaoze, I will not force you to make a choicenow, but when you choose to hook up withme, you should know that I am not thateasy to deal with, andmy family will not allow it."

  In the ward, Chen Yuan looked at Gu Shaoze with a pale face.

  Gu Shaoze’s hand rubbingChen’sstomach stopped, and gave her a deep look. "Chen Yuan, we all agreed that we just took what weneededfrom each other. When the baby is born,I will raise it."

  Chen Yuan giggled out loud. Even without makeup on her face, her eyes still showed a trace of coquetry. "Shaoze, do you know how many men in show business want to have a one-night stand with me?I have been protecting myself like virginfor you. Now you tell me that we only takewhat we needfrom each other. Let me be frank now. I have a crush on you. I want to be your wife. If you don't marry me, I'll abort the baby immediately."

  Gu Shaoze’sface went dark, and he sulkily looked at Chen Yuan.

  "Chen Yuan, I don't like being threatened."

  “Shaoyunsaid that Mrs.Guinsanely wanted to have grandchildren." Gu Shaoze said nothing.

  "Shaoze, stay with me, so both of our familiescan achieve a win-win situation. I can quit the show industryfor you and just be your good wife, which is Tang can’t give you."

  Chen Yuan grabbed his hand and put it on her face, rubbing it gently. "Think about it, Iand the babywill wait for you. I believe you will finally figure outwho is the most important to you."

  Gu Shaoze eyes flashed atraceof dark light, but he gently pulled out his hand.

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