Chapter 16 Mrs. Gu's Irrationality

  The car stopped outside the Gu’s villa. Tang Yaopolitely nodded to Su Lengmo.

  "Mr.Su, thank you forsendingme back. I will treat you to dinner when you are free to return your favor. ”

  After saying that, Tang Yaoopenedthe door and was about to get off, but suddenly herwrist was grabbed bySu. She turned around, looking confusedly at Su.

  "Give me your cell phone." "said Su Lengmo.

  Although Tang Yao seemed a little confused, she handed the phone to Su Lengmo.

  Su Lengmotook overandinput a phone number, and typed his name"Su Lengmo"in the phone.

  "This is my private number, 24 hours on call. If you need anything, youcan directly give me a call.”

  Hearing that, Tang Yaotook a confused look atSu Lengmo, thenobediently reachedout to take overthe phone.

  "Thank you.”

  Thenshe got off directly, tookherbag and headedfor the Gu’svilla.

  Getting in the villa, she was still thinkingwhy Su Lengmo gave his private number to her. The way that he helped her seemed to have crossedthe line.

  It wasenough to prove thatTang Yao could never be careless that she had theability to becomethe mistress of the Gu’s from a poor girl who ownednothing like the Cinderella.

  She couldfeel that Su Lengmo seemedto be particularly indulgent to her.

  She shook her head, trying to getall thesefussout of her mind.

  She still had lots oftroublesome thingsto deal with.How would she have the mood to think about Su’s purpose of approaching her?

  Insidethe villa, the housekeeper came up, looking at Tang Yaocomplicatedly, “Madam, milady and master are still in the hospital. I think you’d bettergo back to your parents’ home for a few days.”

  Tang Yaounderstood the connotation of the housekeeper's words. WithChen yuan’saccident, Mrs.Gu must be in rage right now. If she wasat home,she would have tobear the anger of the family. It was better to go to her parents’home to avoid the conflicts.When Chen feltbetter, Mrs.Gu mightbe relieved a little bit.

  "No, I'll go to the hospital some time tomorrow." "Tang Yaosaid with a gentle smile.

  The housekeepersighed and said nothingmore.

  "I’m going upstairs.I wantto go to bed early." Tang Yaopointed upstairs.

  When the housekeeper moved out her way, Tang Yaodirectlywentupstairs.

  Into the bedroom, Tang Yaothrew herself on the king-sizebed, looking at the ceiling.Her eyes turn to be empty.

  Then, her mobile phone started ringing, breakingthe silence of the bedroom.

  Tang took out her phone and saw that it was her mother calling. Her eyes flashed and she finally answeredthe phone.

  "Tang Yao, you are crazy. You should never harm that baby of Chen Yuan even if you were jealous. Since you can’t have one, you should be grateful that someone can have a baby for you. You really mademe angry. Go to the hospital right now. no matter how,on your knees or killingyourself, you must beg your mother-in-law for mercy.”The other side, her mother said in a harsh and mean manner.

  Dumbly listeningto her, Tang Yao’s eyes become empty and cold.

  "Tang Yao, Tang Yao, talk to me." Tang Yao hadn’t replied for a long time, so the mother shouted to her angrily.

  Tang Yaoblinked,thenslowly said, , "Mom, it's getting late, I want to sleep." Hervoice was low and emotionless.

  "Sleep, sleep, sleep, from day to night,all you want to do istosleep.If you coulduse your sleepingtime to please your mother-in-law, the Gu’s would have beensatisfied with you. What a waste! You have such a pretty face but can’t even have a baby. How on earth can you harm others’child? I never see anybody that is so stupid like you. I think I can just buy a rope for you to hang yourself.”

  Tang’smother said somethingworse.

  Tang’seyes went red, and she directly hung up the phone.

  She did not know why sheanswered the phone. She should have knownthat her mother would not say anything good to her. She just treated her as a milch cow.

  Feeling so helpless deep inside,she pulled the comforter over, wanting tocover herbody.Suddenly, her phone rang. ItwasSu Lengmo’s text message.

  Don't think too much. Go to bed early and call me if you need anything.

  Although it was so formal,itstilltouched Tang’s heart. She felt a little warm. When she was stuck in her marriage crisis, itwasthe man who accidentally had one night stand with her sent message to comfort her.

  She turned off her cell phone, got out of bed and went to the bathroom to remove her makeup. She tossed and turned in the bed and finally fell asleep.

  She was awakened by a knock on the door. She dazedly went to open the door.Unexpectedly, therewasa slap on her face, which completely wakened her up.

  "Tang Yao, how could you be so venomous! Do you want Gu family to be childless forever?"

  Mrs.Gu actedlike a vixen in the legend. She not only slapped Tang, but also pointed to her nose and aggressively questioned her.

  Tang Yaowas forcedto back offby Mrs.Gu. Lacking of sleep still made her in a daze. Her mind was completely blank when facing Mrs. Gu’s query.

  "You bad woman! Since Shaozemarried you, we’ve never lived a peaceful life."

  Mrs. Gubeat heras she kept scolding her.

  Tang Yaowas eluding, but Mrs. Gu was going harder. Tang could no longer bear it so she grabbed her hand.

  "Mom, stop it." "She gritted her teeth.

  "Don’t you dare to grab my hand, you jinx. All you do everyday is making mischief between Shaoze and me. It’s so annoying to see your face everyday. Divorce with Shaoze, and get out of my house.”

  Tang Yao felt her heart seem to be pricked by a needle.

  " Mom, why do you hate me so much?"

  "I not only hate you. I wish you can neverappear in front of me. If Shaoze didn't insisted on marrying you, do you think you could get into the family? Your messed-upfamilywasenough tomake people in the circle keep making fun of us.”

  Mrs.Gu shook off Tang Yao's hand, raised her chin and haughtily criticized Tang Yao.

  Tang Yao's face turn pale. She no longer looked at Mrs.Gu’s haughty face, but turned around and left.

  Mrs.Gu became more angry and so she grabbed Tang Yao's hand. Her voice became sharper. "Tang Yao, you jinx. who do you think you are?Do you actually believe that you can talk to your mother-in-law like this just because I have to endure you? ”

  Tang Yaoclenched herfist, her fingernails pinching into the flesh and the pain makingher frown.

  She took a deep breath, turned her head and looked at Mrs. Gu with a smile. "Mom, you keep saying that my family is poor and I am not worthy of Shaoze. But over theseyears, I have worked really hard to make myself worthy of Shaoze. What about you? All you did was constantly scolding your daughter-in-law. The words you said wereso mean. I couldn’t see that there’s anything graceful of you asa well-behavior lady. You always said that I was so disrespectful. Have you even been respectful to me? After all, the respect is mutual.”

  Then she chuckled and looked forthright. "You said you have endured mefor a long time, but I have alsobeentoleratingyour temper over these years. Don’t make yourself so aggrieved.”

  She didn't want to make things so embarrassing. ItwasMrs.Gu who wereso aggressive and meanthatshe feltherself treatedas a person.

  She came from a poor family, and she couldn’t have a child, so what? All these couldn’t be the reason for Mrs. Gu to raise personal remarkabouther.

  Mrs. Gu's face was red with anger. What Tang Yaosaid just now was basically indicating that even though she was a noble lady, her behavior was not even as good as a poor lady.

  Watching Tang Yaocalmly walking into the bathroom, her face turned from green to white, from white to purple, from purple to red.

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