Chapter 15 You'll Only Get Yelled At If You Go To the Hospital Now.

  Su Lengmo’s dark eyes flashed a light.He replied “em”,then put down the cup,no longer talking about that.

  Tang Yaoheldthe cake,thinking how wasChen yuandoing now,and how the family of Gu would deal with her if she came home.She seemed a little annoyed.

  "Don't worry. I've sent someone to the hospital." said Su Lengmo.

  Tang Yaowidened herbig eyes,unbelievablylooking at Su Lengmo,then burst into smile.

  "Mr.Su,I almost believe that you are the roundworm in my belly." "She joked.

  Su Lengmocurled hislip,smiling. With that good-looking face,the smile of him made him more attractive.

  Tang Yaolooked a little dazed.

  "Mr. Su,you look so charmingwhen you smile."

  After hearing that,the smile of Su Lengmofaded.

  Tang Yaotouched her nose. "Sorry,no offense,Ijustthink you look really good when you smile."

  "I know,but I don't want to be too attractive." Su Lengmocalmly said.

  Tang Yaothinkit wasfunny. There was actually someone who chose to be emotionless because he didn’t want any women to get close to him.

  "Mr.Su,no wonder the circle of celebrities said that if they can marry you,they will not need to be afraid of having a bastard one day. "She joked.

  Su Lengmo's eyes flashed a dark light.

  Outside the door came a sound of knocking. Su Lengmogot up to open the door.

  "Mr. Su,this food is prepared by our milordfor you and Miss Tang,in case you are hungry." The servant outside the door said respectfully.

  Su Lengmomoved aside to le the servant in. The servant pushed a cart intothe room,and then tookout several delicate dishes tothe glasstable from the cart.

  "Mr. Su,Miss Tang,please enjoy yourself. If you need nothing else,I'll go down first." The servantsaid.

  Su Lengmonodded.

  The servant left the room. Tang Yaosaw there wereabout 10 delicate small disheson the table. Apparently,the Jing’s treatedSu as a distinguished guest.

  Even the celebrities downstairs may not enjoy this treatment.

  "Haven’t you haddinneryet? "Tang Yaoasked.

  "Not yet,eat something with me."

  Su Lengmotook hischopsticks to put the roasted meat in small dishinto Tang Yao's bowl,"Try some. I guess you haven’teatenyet."

  Tang Yaosuspiciouslytook a look atSu Lengmo.How didhe know she had not haven dinner,andalso know that she likedto eat roasted meat?

  Actually,she was a meat lover. As long as it was meat,shenever picked.Itwasbecause she lived in a poor life when she was young.sometimesshe hadn’t eatnmeat for several days,which made her so greedy.

  "Don’t look at me. Comeand eat." Said Su Lengmo.

  Tang Yaolooked back at the dedicatedfood on the table and felt a little hungry.

  She picked up the chopsticks and tucked into them.

  The cook of Jing’smade quite delicious and wonderful dishes. She wanted to beat Chen Yuan on the outfit. So she atenothing in dinner,cause it may affect the way she looked.

  "I thoughtMr.Suwould never go to a dinner party like this." Eating delicious meat,Tang Yaocasually said.

  Su Lengmolifted hiseyebrow,"The milord of Jingand I knew each other for many years. We often meet to go fishing. This is a party held by the old man,so I have tocome." Tang Yaolooked at him surprisingly.

  Su Lengmolookedso inaccessible. If it’s not related to work,he barely attendedany social banquet,letalone dull and boring activities like fishing.

  Su Lengmojust laughed without givingtoo much explanation.

  Whenfeeling full,Tang Yaoput down herchopsticks,thenthere came a knock on the door. A man in black opened the door and walked in directly to Su Lengmo,bent over and whispered a few words in his ear.

  After hearing what he said,Su Lengmowaved his hand,"I know. You can go out."

  The man in black wentstraight outwithout any hesitation.

  Su Lengmotook a clean paper and wiped his hands.

  "Chen yuan went into the operationroom and said that she had drunk alcohol containing abortion drugs and she is likely to miscarry."

  Hearing the words,Tang Yao's hand shook,her mouth tightly closed,and lowed her eyes. No one knewwhat she wasthinkingabout.

  "Mr. Su,thank you for your hospitality. I think I need to go to the hospital now." After a while,Tang Yaolooked up and said.

  Su Lengmoput down the napkin and stood up,"I send you over."

  Tang Yaothoughtof Gu shaoze’s mistrust on her relationship with Su Lengmo,feeling a little awkward.

  "No,I can do it alone."

  Su Lengmolooked down at Tang Yao,"If you arealone,I do not think it’s safefor you togo there. It will only provoke your family,and your situation will become very awkward.”

  How would Tang Yao not think about that?Gu shaoze's distrus would only make Mrs.Gu to put more pressure on her,and Chen yuan’s baby was the one shehad hoped for a long time. She had already knownwhat situation she would face.

  "Wait,I'll sendyou home." "said Su Lengmo.

  Tang Yaolooked at Su Lengmo,and then chuckled,"Mr.Su,I think with our relationship,you don’t have to treat me like this. You will makeme believe that youlike me.”

  Su Lengmoraises his eyebrows,"What if I do?"

  Tang Yaoshook herhead in amusement,"I think your expectation to your lover would be much higher."

  Su Lengmoput his hands on the glasstable,and looked at Tang Yao,"You don't look like a person who will look down upon yourself."

  "Yes,but I’m not so stupid as to believethat youhavea crush on me." Tang Yaoraised herchin,and responded politely.

  The forthright part of her charactermade herbeautiful little face in the light shine,appearing particularly charming.

  Su Lengmo's eyes fell on her white slender neck,and then his black eyes turneddark.His adam's apple bobbed in his throat.

  He quickly calmed himself down,standing straight,one hand in the pocket,and his whole body filled with alienation.

  Tang Yaotouched the nose,and didn’t not know whether she had provoked accidentally.

  "Come on. I'll sendyou." Su Lengmolooked at Tang Yao.

  Tang Yaowanted to say something,but she swallowed her refuse swallowedbackwhen she saw the cold eyes of Su Lengmo.

  "Thank you.”

  She stood up and followed Su Lengmo withouthesitation.

  Goingdownstairs,because of the influence of Su Lengmoin the circle,they drew the attention of countless people.

  Su Lengmopretended not to see that,and walked towards the door directly.

  Su Qimo came forward.

  "You stayto tell Mr Jing thatI got things to do,so I have to go." Su Lengmo ordered.

  Su Qimomadea military salute,and winkedtoward Tang Yao,"Miss Tang,my eldest brother is a goodman. You can consider to be with him."

  Tang Yaotwisted hermouth. She always felt Su Qimowas like a pimp.

  "Thanks,but I'm married."

  "It doesn't matter. You can still get a divorce. But missing a good manlike my eldest brother,absolutely you are losing your luck." Tang Yaosmiled and said nothing.

  Su Qimo wasalso not angry,winking toSu Lengmoandsayingnear his ear,"Brother,don't forget the bottle of medicine that I give you. Sometimes you can go hard on her,otherwise you would just see a good opportunityslip away fromyour hand."

  The answer of Su Lengmowasturningroundanddirectly walkingaway.

  Su Qimotouchedhisnose,craftilysmiling. Never mind,his brother would eventually understand the fun of it.

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