Chapter 14 Count on the Child

  "Tang Yao,beofore long,it would only be me staying with Shaoze."

  After a while,Chen yuan said cruelly.

  When she finished,she drank up the wine in the glass.She smiled proudly at Tang Yao. Suddenly,her face turned pale and she clutchedher stomach and squatted down on the ground.

  She looked up at Tang Yaoin disbelief.

  "You put something in the wine." Chen yuan said hard.

  Tang YaosawChen yuan like this,suddenly feelinga little weird. As expected,the next second,Gu shaoyunstarted to shout out.

  "Sister-in-law,how can you add something to the wine? Do you know that Chen yuan is pregnant with my brother's child?How could you be so jealous and try to murder a baby?”

  The voice of Gu shaoyun was quiteloud,attracted the celebrityandguests that werecommunicating.

  "Brother,brother,blood,Chen yuan is bleeding! Come overright now."Shaoyun squatted down and held Chen into her arms,shouting eagerly.

  Gu Shaoze was chatting with a politicianwhen he was suddenly shocked by Shaoyun,and then he quickly walked over.

  Seeing Chen Yuan clutch her stomachand painfully moanin Gu Shaoyun's arms,he quickly squatted to pick her up.

  “Brother,it is sister-in-law. She gave Chen yuanyuan something to drink in the wine. Obviously,she wanted to murder the baby. Gu shaoyun chokedwith sob.

  Gu shaoze's footstepsstopped,looking at Tang Yaoin complexity.

  "Yaoyao,I didn't expect you to be so cruel. You know how much I look forward to this child." Hewasdisappointedand said,holding Chen yuan and thenwalkedaway. He bumped against Tang when he walkedpass her.

  Tang Yao's hand couldn’t help butshaking. She looked at Gu shaoze’s determined figure,lips moved and want3e to saythatit’s not her.

  People present alllooked at Tang Yao with surprise,taunt,mistrust anddisgust.

  In their eyes,Tang Yaohadbecome jealous and insane. She was a cruel woman who even tried to murder anunborn baby.

  Tang Yaofelt the look cast on her. She took a deep breath,andthen looked up,not wanting to let people see the fragile of her.

  "Miss tang.”

  Anaverage-looking but elegant man in a suit walked to her.

  Tang Yaoraised herhead and looked at the man in front of her.She didn’tremember that she knew him.

  "Mr. Su wants to talk to you about the cooperation that didn't work out last time,please." The man slightly bent over and politelysaid.

  Tang Yaoput upa faint smile,"Let’s go."

  She left with the man,andwhen she wentupstairs,the crowd downstairsconfusedly looked at each other.

  "I didn't expect that this lady can be so powerful. She had such good relationship with Suthat sheeven can make him ask someone to help her.”

  No one knew who said it,but as soon as it came out,others joinedthe chatting.

  "Mr.Su always kept it low key. But this time,he not only attended the banquet,but also tried to help Mrs.Gu.I’m afraid that their relationship is not that simple.”

  "Certainly not simple.Gu familyhas such a formidable daughter-in-lawwhocan get close toSu. Then when Su has any business,he must think ofthe Gu’sfirst."

  Other peoplewerejust jealous ofTang Yao for having connection with Su Lengmo.


  Tang Yaoand the man directly went tothe third floorand went to the innerroom.The man knocked on the door.When getting the permission to get inside,he opened the door and asked Tang to get inside.

  "Miss tang,please. Boss is waiting for you inside." The man said politely.

  Tang Yaotookadeepbreath. She did not want to have too much connectionwith Su Lengmo.But with the situation back there,she couldn’t help but use the influence of Su to get away the embarrassingmoment.

  She nodded and went straight in.

  By the window stood a long and slenderfigure. His back lookedbroad and strong andfull of strength,whichgave people a sense of security.

  “Mr. Su.” Tang Yaosaid in a low voice.

  Su Lengmoturnedaround,with his unfathomable black eyes staring at Tang Yao.

  Feelinga little uncomfortable,Tang Yaosubconsciouslytouched her nose.

  "Tang Yao,you are such a coward just now. How could you be bullied by a woman who just took away your husband?”Su Lengmo brutally made a comment.

  Tang Yaowas a little embarrassed,for Su Lengmowitnessed suchanawkward moment.

  "But it's hard to predict people’s heart.You’ve been plotted,which only means you haven't learned a lot about cheating in the past few yearsin Gufamily."

  Su Lengmostrided over andwalkedto sit down on sofa.

  He pointed to the sofaon theoppositeside.

  Tang Yaoobediently walked over and sat down.

  "Eat something." Su Lengmopushed the snackson the tableto Tang Yao,"Relax."

  Tang Yaolooked at Su Lengmo. He just like the man he knew before--expressionless,even too lazy to give asmile,but his heart was softer than she thought.

  She couldn't help smiling.

  Su Lengmo looked at her faintly.

  "Mr. Su,I find that you are not so... "Tang Yaohesitated.

  Su Lengmosatup straight,intersectingall his fingers,and looking at Tang Yaoelegantlyand nobly.

  "Tell me."

  "You’re not so indifferent as I thought." Tang Yaotook a piece of cake and ate,"Thank you very much for helping me twice. If you did not stand out,I may now be under fire. Anyway,those standing on the highest moral point could not tolerate someone who wanteds to poison an innocent little life.”

  "Itwasnot you. "Su Lengmo saidwith certainty.

  Tang Yaoshocked for a while,then chuckled.

  "Thank you so much for your trust. I thought whenthisthinghappened,the one trust me most would be Gu shaoze. I did not expect that it wouldbe you,who I didn’t have much connection with. I’m a little surprised.”

  She said calmly. Butif one listened carefully,they could still hearthe disappointment inherwords.

  She may never forget the way that Gu Shaoze looked at her when he left. He was completely suspicious and angry,looking like that he believed she was the murderer of his baby.

  "He's not worth it." said Su Lengmo.

  Tang Yaolooked at Su Lengmo,then smiled and shrugged,"It isindeednot worth it.Our love has maintained for ten years,but it even could not be comparedwith his short and exciting affair with Chen Yuan. As others said once a man does not love you,everythingyou dois wrong. His trust in you,just fell to nothing.”

  Su Lengmofrownedslightly. He didn’tlike Tang Yaoto look down upon herself.

  "If you want a divorce,I can help you. Just treat me as some who likes to put his fingers in others’pie.” Su Lengmosaid.

  Tang Yao seemed to be surprised. The way that Su Lengmo treated herseemed to have crossed the line.

  "Don't thinktoo muchabout it. I’mjust making up for thatnight." Su Lengmotasted tea elegantlyand said.

  Thinking of that fuzzy and crazy night, Tang Yao's face turned a little hot. The atmosphere could not help but become romantic.

  She coughed a little,"You must be joking. We all said that thatnight was an accident. I have forgotten it,and I hope youcanforgetabout ittoo. We are mature men and women. It’s not necessary to takeany responsibility for each other afterhaving sex.”

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