Chapter 12 Make her Become the Target of Public Criticism

  Tang Yaostared at Su Lengmoand Su Lengmoalso looked over here as if he sensed her sight by telepathy. The eyes of the two met in the air. Tang Yaopanicked and hurriedly regained hergaze.

  Gu shaozeonher side,hadbeen paying attention to Tang Yaoall the time,so certainly he felt her changes. Then his eyes went dark,and then looked at Su Lengmo.

  On the other side,Su Lengmo,who was surrounded by others,kindlyrefused to talkwith other people and walked directly toward Tang Yao.

  He quickly took a look of Tang Yao---the depth of his eyes flashed a feelingof stunning. The light pink dress set off her skin,making her look as clean as the driven snow,and her whole person was just like the white lotus flower.

  "Mr. Su,I didn't expect that you willcome to this kind of party."

  Gu shaozestepped forward and blocked Tang Yaointentionally,reaching outhis hand and put on a polite smile.

  Su Lengmolooked at Gu shaoze’s extended hand and did not reach outtoshake hands with him. He looked indifferent and noble.

  "Gu,what a coincidence! We met again."

  Su Qimoreached out and shook hands withGu shaoze. He looked around and didn't see the person he expected to see. He was a little disappointed that there’s no drama to see. "I thought that Mr. Gu would bring Miss Chen. After all,these two days,your gossip newsare everywhere. Your kissing photos are pretty good."

  Gu shaoze’s face changed slightly. Why mention that right now?

  Su Qimo wasnot afraid of offending Gu shaoze,but walkedclose to himwith a sly smile on his face. "Gu,a womanlike Miss Chen,has the same great desire asa tiger. You have to be careful.Don't accidentally dry up yourself."

  Gu shaozetook back his hand and smiled deceptively,"You don’t need to worry about that."

  Su Qimogroaned a few times and greeted Tang Yaolike an acquaintance. "Miss Tang,we met again. If you want to buy a drink,you can call me next time. I know which barhas the most delicious wine."

  Gu shaozelooked at Tang Yao,and he becamesullen.

  "I didn't expect that youand my wife areso familiarwith each other." He saiditlike a joke.

  Su Qimosmiled,looked dandified,"Not very familiar,we just met each otherwhen drinking. If I were you,I wouldnot upsetsuch a beautiful woman. Unfortunately,Mr Gualways likes to play around."

  Gu shaoze’s face changed slightly.

  Tang Yaojust sat thereasa quiet outsider. Even when Su Qimo was making Gu speechless,she also felt a little pleasant.

  Everyone knewthat Gu shaozecheated onChen Yuan,but he behavedas if nothing had happened.

  "This is the bracelet you lost at the bar. Now I give it back to you."

  Su Lengmou helda very delicate silver braceletandsaid.

  Tang Yaolooked at it. It was really the bracelet she had lost before. She went back to Gu’s house,andthere wereso many thing to be handled,so she didn’t waste time to look for an inexpensivebracelet. She didn't expect it would bepicked up by Su Lengmo.

  "Thank you." Tang Yaotook the bracelet and politely said.

  "Next time,don’t drink too much," Su Lengmosaid.

  Gu shaozeclenched his fist and subconsciously kept Tang Yaobehind him. "You don’t need to worry about that."

  Su Leng nodded faintly.

  "Mr.Su,our milordinvites you to go over." Jing’s housekeeper came over and said politely.

  "Excuse me." Su LengmonoddedtoGu shaoze and left.

  Su Qimo threwTang Yaoanenthusiastickiss,"Miss Tang,if you don't like Gu Shaoze,you’re welcomed to cometome anytime. I have a lot of good resources,just pick whoever you want."

  Gu shaoze was so angry. His face wasextremelydark.

  "Yao Yao,I don't know since when you becomeso familiarwith Su."

  "I don't know when you and Miss Chen are so familiareither. You even have a baby."

  Tang Yaoretorted in a low voice only heard by the two of them.

  Gu shaozefelt terrible,and herudely grabbedthe waist of Tang Yao with the right hand. "Yao Yao,I know that you are mad at me,but you cannotget close to Su,whichwould only make people gossip.”

  Tang Yaopulled hermouth and didn't say anything.

  Gu shaozetook Tang Yaoand continued to chat with Chen and Sun. Unexpectedly,there was anothercommotion at the door. When they looked over,they saw Chen Yuan,who worea white dress embroidered withcolorful peony,walking towards them.


  Chen Yuanyan said with a smile.

  Tang Yaolooked at Gu shaozecalmly,and then looked at Chen Yuan,waiting them to pull off a drama of that affair,acting like a disinterested by-stander.

  "Miss Chen,how are you doing?"

  Gu shaozeimpassively said.

  The smile of Chen Yuan became a bit stiff.

  "Shaoze,the baby said that he wants to eat theCha Siu Bao of the He Tang Yue Se Restaurant. Let’s go buy it after the banquet."

  "I willtell someone tobuy it for you."

  Speaking ofthe child,Gu shaoze turned to be gentler.

  Chen Yuan was now pregnant with his baby,and he could not be too cold.

  "Chen Yuan,you are here. I heard from my mother that you are pregnant with my elder brother's children. Come,let me see that."

  A joyfulvoice came from behind,andGu Shaoyuncame over andwalkedto Chen Yuan,and intimatelytook her hand.

  With Gu Shaoyun directly exposingthe news,the men and women who were drinking and chatting all stopped,carefullylistening to the gossip.

  "The doctor said that the baby grewwell. Aftera few months,Shaoze will become daddy."

  Chen Yuan’s face glowed withmaternal love when mentioning her baby.

  "Yuan,you aredoing great. Someone just hold onto the position of the mistress of our family,but never bearsa baby. Sheis worse than chicken that canlay eggs." Gu Shaoyun deliberately said in a loud voice.”

  Tang Yao’s face became a little pale.

  "Shaoyun." Gu shaoze warnedhis younger sister.

  Gu Shaoyun hided behind Chen Yuan and looked out at Gu shaoze. "Brother,I am telling the truth. In my opinion,Chen Yuan is more suitable for you."

  Chen Yuan pattedGu Shaoyun's hand. "Shaoyun,don't make your big brother angry. Whether I can be your sister-in-lawrelies on fate."

  Gu Shaoyun grinned,"Chen Yuan,you are good-natured."

  Tang Yaofelt the gaze from all around,so she raised herchin,and managed to pull out a decentsmile. "Shaoze,I think you may need to make it clear withMiss Chen. I will not bother you,excuse me."

  Gu shaozetook her hand andgave Chen Yuan and Gu Shaoyun a warning look. "Let's go,I will introduce you to some of my new business partners."

  Tang Yaodid not resist and was taken away by Gu shaoze.

  Gu Shaoyun angrily lookedat Tang Yao's back. "I don't know why my brother cares so much about her. Except for the face,there’ssimply nothinggood about her."

  Chen Yuan sneered,and hereyes flashed with a determinedlight. "Men are visual animals. They only fell in love for the face they like. But be patient,your sister-in-law is about tobecome the target of the publiccriticism."

  Gu Shaoyun looked at Chen Yuan and gave a cunning laugh.

  "Chen Yuan,I have arranged everything. I promisethat even if Tang Yaohasa foresight,she will never expect that we are giving her a big trick." Gu Shaoyun whispered.

  Chen Yuan covered her lips with her hand tocover her smile.

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