Chapter 8 This Was Just an Accident

  She looked at Gu almost indifferently. "Congratulations,you are going to be a father."

  Gu shaoze’s eyebrows twisted.Hedid not like Tang Yao’s attitude of pushingpeople thousands of miles away.

  He stared at Tang Yao's eyes,and the good-looking eyebrows wrinkled. "Yao Yao,Chen Yuan's pregnancy is an accident."

  Tang Yaocurled herlips and sneered. "Since it was an accident,then tell her to have an abortion."

  Gu shaozecouldn’t believe what she just said,he looked at Tang Yao. "Yao Yao,that is a life. How can you just say this kind of thing so easily?"

  Tang Yaosmiled,but the bottom of hereyes was filled with an indescribable sadness.

  Gu shaozehadnot realized that his cheatinghadcaused great harm to her.

  "Shaoze,do you think that because you made me become the mistress of the Gu’s,then no matter what you do outsideof the family,I should just ignore it and forgive you unconditionally?"

  Hearing that,Gu shaozefrowned,impatiently tookthe cigarette box out,took one from the box,light it up,took a sipand spit out the smoke. Tang smelt the smoke. It was so pungent that made her cough a little.

  Gu shaozelooked at Tang Yaoand unexpectedly didn’t put out the cigarette.

  He was now so agitatedand neededa cigarette to keep him calm.

  "Yao Yao,the previous three generations of my family all had only one son,I should give my parents the grandchildren they want."

  For a long while,Gu shaozesaidinhoarse voice.

  "I hope you can understand my difficulties. Chen yuan and I just take what we need from each other. After she gives birth to the baby,she will put it by your side for education and I will cut off all ties with her."

  Tang Yaolooked at the man who talked as ifthe whole cheating and pregnant thing was so normal,feeling desolate deep in her heart. Ironically,only yesterday,she was trying to find an excuse for Gu,convincing herself that Chen Yuan’s pregnancy wasjust an incident,and the photos the media took were just an illusion.

  She chuckled. She had overestimated Gu shaoze's loyalty to this marriage.

  "Gu shaoze,Ihaveknown you for ten years,but never figured out thatyou are so despicable. How canyou believeI will tolerate your affair,andhelp you raise your illegitimate child? Even if you are a man born with silver spoon,there is no need to bully people to this point.”

  She lifted her head,perverselylooking at Gu shaoze," Also,don't make cheating as such a noble thing. A child is not the tool to carry on your family.Since you already have one,treat it well.I can be generous. I will give up being the hostess of this family. Whoever wants it,takes it.”

  Then she turned around and wanted to get out of the room.

  At the moment of turning around,she could no longer control herself and her eyes turned red.

  After nearly ten years of marriage,she still couldnot see through the guy sleeping beside her every night. The things that she thought she knew about him wereso superficial.How could she believe that Gu was a man with pure heart and would never betray love?

  Gu shaozefinally realized that there was something wrong about her,he grabbed herimmediately,put her against the wall,lookedat her red eyes,andthe depths of his blackeyes flashed a touch of worry.

  Histall and strongbodyleaned over,holding Tang Yao's hands against the wall,bowand gentlykissawayher tears.

  "I'm sorry,Yao. I didn't mean to hurt you.I just think that maybe your life would be much easier in this family with a kid by your side.”

  Gu shaoze saidthe wordsas he kissed her.

  Tang Yaowas first stunneda little,thenstarted tostrugglefiercely.

  Thinking that he had kissed Chen Yuan with this mouth,she felt sick. If Gu really had no feelingaboutChen yuan,then the photos of them taken by the paparazzi would not look so fervent. They looked like a couplewhojust fell in love.

  She pushed Gu shaozeaway and slapped Gu shaozeonthe face.

  Gu shaozefeltthe pain of his face,seeing into the eyes of Tang seemedand feeling that she seemed to be pushing him thousands of miles away. He was agitated,then kissed her lips harder. Even though he felt Tang’s struggle,hebit her deliberately.

  "Oh,it hurts."

  Tang Yaowas so painful that she murmured.

  Hearingthe familiar voice,Gu shaoze's black eyes wentdark,kind of want to see Tang Yaocrying with that pretty face,but the way of kissing her became more gentle.

  HelightlyremovedTang Yao's clothes,but the next second hiswrist was grabbed by Tang Yao.

  Tang Yaoaverted hereyes,hardly tobeseenthe true feelings of her,"Gu shaoze,I am not in the mood to do this kind of thing,because youmake me sick.”

  He paused a while,deeply staring at her hair. The hot of his heartalso slowly cooleddown.

  "Ok,we won’tdoit. I will wait for you when you are willing to doit."

  He gently kissed her hair. "Yao,I really only love you. Chen yuan and I just played a game.We haven’thada child for a long timeandI got great pressure from the family. I hope you can understand me. Don’t be willful like a child.”

  Tang Yao’s lipscurled,and she sneersilently.

  The pressure of Gu shaozewas overwhelming,how about hers? But not having a baby could not be the excuse for Gu to cheat on her.

  Betrayedon thebody and soul,she did not know whether this marriage should carry on.

  "Yao,we will be fine,and when the baby is born,I will definitely break with Chen yuan. I promise I will not let anyone hurt you again.

  Gu shaozekissed her earlobe,and his voicewassoft and mellow.

  In the past,Tang Yaowould definitively blush when feelingthe intimacy fromGu. But now,she only felt cold deep inside her.

  "Gu shaoze,please leave me alone.I want to calm down first.

  Tang Yaolowered her eyes and said softly.

  She had mixed feelings right now,and didn’tknow how to face Gu shaoze.

  Gu shaozegently kissed her hair and lifted her chin. "Yao,I will give you time to consider,but you should not be annoying any more. Mother has been looking forward to this grandson for a long time,and we cannot let her down."

  Tang Yao slanted her headto avoid Gu shaoze’s intimate moves.

  Gu shaozewas not angry,just gently patted her face,and then gotout.

  Tang Yaotook a deep breath,and looked upto force back the tears coming out.

  The way that Gu dealtwith all these thingswasso casual which made her feel so disappointed.

  She thought,Gu shaozewouldat least felt a little guilty because of his cheating.However,in fact,all he did was just telling her not to lose her temper. And why he made Chen pregnant was just because their family needed a child.

  Tang Yaosneered.

  Did Gu just simply treat her as some silly girl or treat Chen as a fool that can be easily fooled with?

  How could Chen yuan,who was so successful in the entertainment industry,be a fool? That was to say,Gu believed that she wasan idiot. He thought she was too powerless to give up being the mistress of the Gu’s. And the reason why she was angry right now,Gu thought,was just because she felt her status in the Gu’s was threatened.

  Tang Yaostood by the window,thinking about herfuture withGu shaoze.

  Then,Tang’smother not knocking on the door directly come in,rushingto Tang Yao’s side.

  "Yao,I should warn you,talk nicely with Shaoze. Don’t get angry. The most important thing right now is to keep your space here.”

  After hearing that,Tang Yao looked drily at her.

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