Chapter 6 You’d better Divorce Shaoze

  She didn't want people to know the absurdity betweenher and Su Lengmo last night, soshe subconsciously lieda little bit about what happened.

  SunMeng looked at Tang Yaosuspiciously,"Yao,you must have underestimated yourself. A beautiful woman like you will drive guys crazy. But Su Lengmois not just some ordinary man. Ifeltsurprisedthat hetook you home directly. I heard that he is quite serious about his private space. Once,a famous actress who thought herself quite attractiveboughtthe security guard and then sneaked into Su’svilla. However,Su just sent her out while shewaswearing nothing. The next day,he even told his secretary to send a circular to block that actress’s careerin all ways."

  Even if those,like Tang,who didn’t pay much attention to the entertainment circle,also knew that thatblock cause such a scene in the industry at that time.

  The career of this female star fellquickly. And then there were more news about her,saying that theactress had paid the debt she owed through sleeping with countless men.

  "Who knows what a man like him is thinking about." Tang waved her hands and said.

  Sun Meng was about to say something,then Tang Yao's phone rang. It’s Gu shaoze.She hesitated,but finally hung up the phone.

  "Go home,you have been out all night. I’m afraid that Mrs.Gu is gonna use this as an excuseto criticize you." Sun thought a minute and said.

  Tang Yaoalso knew that itwasmeaningless to hang on to it. It would only give the Gu’s another chance to criticize her.

  "I know. "She whispered.

  "I'll send you home after lunch."

  "I’ll go back by myself. You know that my mother-in-law doesn’t like you,we don't need her to give you the cold shoulder.

  Sun Meng didn’t have much good impression ofMrs Gu who always felt so superior to others,so she didn’t insist on that.

  After lunch,Tang Yaodrove Sun Meng's car back home.

  "Young mistress,you’re back." said the housekeeper,with a respectful salute.


  Tang Yao’s lips curved. She handed the car keys to the housekeeper,and then went along the white path to the villa.

  Gu family had been living in Jin City for 100 years,and the high-class villa had gone through a century of wind and rain,so the architecture style of it was not the popular Europeanstyle that but rather a kind of old-fashioned royal style,revealing afeeling of solemnityand pressure everywhere.

  When she walked to the gate,Tang Yaotook a deep breath,then lifted her legs and slowly walked in.

  As she expected,there,inthe middleof the sofa,satthe Gu’s,all of whom looked sullen,and her sycophant familywere on the other side.

  Tang Yaolooked at her parents who kept apologizing to the Gu’s. It seemed like,in this relationship,it was all right that Gu shaozecheated on her,but she should be ruthlessly criticized for not coming home all night long.

  "Yao,you finally come back,come here to apologize to your mother-in-law.

  Her mother,dressed like a nouveau riche,rushed to her face like a whirlwind when she caught a sight ofher. She pulled Tang to thelady who wore a gracious yellow cheongsam and expensive jewelry,and started to lecturing her sharply.

  "You are not a three-year-old childany more. How could you stay outside and not coming home all night? You have to know that men of superior status likeShaozecould justplay games with woman outside the home. How could you be so stingy? Everyone was looking for you the whole night.Apologize to your mother-in-law right now."

  Tang Yaocalmly looked at Mrs.Gu,saying nothing.

  Mrs. Gu,who hadalways been so superior in front of the Tang family,was so angry at Tang’s silencethatshe threw the tea cup on the table directly to the floor. The strong impact sound made Tang’s mother shrink her neck.

  She secretly twisted Tang Yao's waist. The pain almost made Tangscream,and her delicate face became distorted.

  "Yao Yao,apologize." Tang’s mother warned her.

  Tang Yaotook a look of her mother. Her eyes turnedred,and the grievance in her heart was nowhere to vent.

  Tang’s mother was so mad at Tang Yao’s attitude.Her daughter wereso inactive. No wonder that Mrs.Gu didn’t like her for so many years.

  "Shaoze’s mother,please don’t be mad. This is Yao Yao’s temper. You knew her well." Tang’s mother said with a smile.

  She was afraid that Mrs.Gu would be angry and felt that Tang Yaowas unreasonable sodirectly let Gu shaozedivorce her. Then their good days in these years would be completely over.

  Mrs. Gu sneered,"Don't be,Tang Yaois the leader in our family. How dare I criticizeher as a mother-in-law?"

  Tang Yaolowered her eyelids and covered the complicated feelingsin her eyes.

  After a long time,her lips moved,and it was so unnatural to squeeze a word out of the lips. "Mom."

  Mrs. Gu’s sneer was louder.

  "I can't afford that title. After years of marriage,I haven't heard any news about a babyin my family. And now,you dare to stay out all night long. You are really confident that you can do whatever you want just because Shaoze loves you?

  Mrs. Gu looked at Tang Yao’s eyes with full disdain,and every single word seemed to hit so hard atTang Yao’s heart. “Like mother,like daughter. You got parents like this. How can I expect anything good about you?”

  That words were just slapped hard to Tang’sparent’sface.

  Tang’s mother,who hadalways been a shrew in front of others now was afraid to say anything in front of Mrs. Gu,and now she even had no principle but to echo her words.

  "You are right. It was me and her dad who didn't know how to teach her. We spoiled her."

  Tang Yao’s veins on her forehead were exposed,and she looked at her mother bowing and scraping to others without any dignity. She was so angry but helpless.

  It’s Gu shaozewho was doing something wrong. Why should she apologize?

  She clutched her bag tightly,and the joints on her hands were slowly turning pale. "Mom,it’s my fault that I didn’t come home last night,but please don’t humiliate my parents. I think that any woman who knows that her husband cheated on her can't be so indifferent."

  After hearing what Tang said,Mrs. Gu just stared at her belly contemptuously. "If you have that ability to have a baby. Let alonestaying out all night,you can go out as long as you want.

  In this case,Tang Yao’s psychological defense line was directly crushed.

  Her body swayed,and with the utmost restraint,she barely stabilized her body.

  "Mom,I want a babytoo." Tang Yaoargued powerlessly.

  Mrs. Gu snorted. "Of course I know that you want it. You just can't. You are even worse than those hens that can lay eggs. At least they can have an egg,and you,you have nothing. Now that someone can give birth to a baby for our family,who gives you rights to beangry?

  Tang Yaotook a deep breath,and her handsclinching bags turned pale,and the blue veins inside were exposed.

  Never bearing a child had always been a heartache for her.

  If she could,she definitely wanted to have a lovely baby with Gu shaoze,and it would also save her from the criticism of Mrs.Gu for so many years.

  "You’ve seen the news report. Chen Yuan is pregnant now,and Shaoze is the fatherof the baby. With the status of Chen family in Jin City,we need to treat Chen Yuan well,so you’d better divorce Shaoze. Don’tmake things end up badly."

  Mrs. Gu leaned on the sofa and said aggressively.

  Tang Yaosnorted and her face was terribly pale,but she looked at Mrs. Gu. "Mom,this is something betweenme and Shaoze. Divorce or not,we will discuss it."

  Mrs. Gu also swept the teacup on the other side directly to the ground,and the tea directly splashed on Tang Yao’s skirt.

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