Chapter 5 Yaoyao, let’s have a talk

  "I have finished it, thank you very much for your hospitality, goodbye." It is best not to see you again.

  Tang Yao took the bag and opened the door and left, deliberately slammed the door.

  Looking at the closed door, Su’s lips curled, revealing a very shallow smile.

  Tang Yao was so anxious to go downstairs, not paying attention to the road, so almost bumped into Su Qimo who came upstairs.

  "Ms. Tang, good morning, how did you feel with my older brother last night?" Su Qi Mo looked at Tang Yao like looking at a rare animal, and asked wickedly.

  Tang Yao’s face blushed. She saw that the manwas Su Qi Mo, so she just took a glance of him with anger.

  Su Qimo wasa famous playboy in the circle. The women that he had been hooked up with were too manyto calculate, so she didn’t have a good impression of him.

  "Get out! Good dogs don't block."

  Tang Yao pushed him away and went out with anger.

  Su Qimo looked at her back and laughed.

  Facing such violent temper , he wondered if his abstinent brother hadsucceeded or not.

  "Ms. Tang, when you were clinging my brother last night, yourpassion was so great and you kept calling him baby." Su Qimo said loudly.

  Tang Yao stopped a second, hercheeks stained with suspicious blush, but her stepswent even faster.

  Out of the villa, she was stunned.

  This wasa private villaand there wereno people around. The villa wastoo big tosee its end.If anyone wanted to leave here, they just could notfind any vehicles to pick themup.

  A Rolls Royce came from the other direction, stopped in front of her.The door opened, and a driver got offthe car and walked to Tang Yao, half-squatting,"Ms. Tang, the master asked me to send you back."

  Tang Yao closed her lips lightly, and looked back subconsciously. She saw Su Lengmo standing in front of the French window and lifting the cup in his hand towards her.

  She turned around quickly and flew straight into the car.

  She didn't want to have any contact with Su Leng at all.

  The car drove out of the villa. The driver looked at Tang Yao, who was looking at the scenery outside the car from the rearview mirror. He thought of photo that was incidentally seen on the master’s mobile phone. Then he somehow understood why his master who never got close to women would ever bring her back home.

  "Ms. Tang, the master preserves his moral integrity. I have never seen any women that he brought back home. You are the first one. You may try to accept him."

  The driver was trying to be a matchmaker and strongly recommended his master.

  "Thank you, but your master and I just metby chance.I’ve already got a husband."

  Tang Yao regained her gaze and politely refused.

  The driver flashed a surprise in his eyes. He did not expect that Tang Yao had been married.

  Tang Yao no longer cared about what the driver was thinking about. She took out her own mobile phone from the bag and turned it on. There werecountless unknown phone calls, which wereall from Gu Shaoze, and there were still a lot of unreadmessages.

  Yaoyao, where are you now, pick up my call.

  Yaoyao, I can explain my relationship with Chen Yuan.

  Yaoyao, see my text message and call me back.

  Yaoyao, you haven't come back home overnight.Where didyou go? Do you know that I am so worried about you?

  Yaoyao, I am waiting for you at home.We need to talk about it.


  After reading the text message, Tang Yao’s eyes were wet and her nose became a little stuffy.

  Gu Shaoze, if you really cared about my feelings, you would not sleepwith another woman.

  She closed her eyes and prevented the tears from flowing out of her eyes. Things had happened.

  She did not know what to talk about with Gu Shaoze. The crack in their marriage was already there. Chen Yuan would always be the inpassablegulf between them.

  Plus her mother-in-law was so eager to have a grandson, and Chen Yuan was pregnant now.

  She could not think ofanything that could carry her marriage with Gu Shaoze to move on.

  Tang Yao’s body was like being pumped out of all strength. She leaned against the back seat and her head becamea little dizzy.

  She grabbed her own clothes and finally cried out.

  Afraid of the driver in front of seeingher tears, she put herbag on her face, letting her tears fall off her cheeks.

  The driver looked at Tang Yao and wanted to ask questions. Finally, he was so thoughtful and swallowed the words back.

  When calmed down her mood, Tang Yao took the phone and gave Sun Meng a call. After getting drunk last night, she didn’t know how she was.

  As soon as the telephone was connected, Sun Meng’s fierce voicesounded,"Yao Yao, you and Su Leng Mo went together last night. Did he take advantage of you last night?"

  When she heard Sun Meng’s voice, Tang Yao was finally relieved.

  "I will talk to you later. I am not a big star.I don’t have the ability to let bigwigs like Mr. Su fall in love with me." Tang Yao said calmly.

  Last night was just an accident. She treatedit as bitten by a dog. After that, she and Su Lengmo would have fewconnections.

  "Then come over, I will make you something to eat."

  Sun Meng hesitated on the other side of the phone,"Gu Shaoze called me. I was so angry so I said something unpleasant. I also mentioned Su Leng Mo. Sorry, I was so angry that I spit it out.”

  Tang Yao pursedher lips andworea colder look. "It’s OK. Let's talk when Igetyour home, bye."

  After that, she hung up directly and gave an address to the driver.

  She held her head in her hand and looked at the scenery that passed through the window of the car. Countless things betweenGu and her flashed through her mind.

  For nearly a decade, the couplehad gone through a lot of ups and downs. she had thought their marriagewould last for a lifetime.

  She didn't expect that Gu Shaoze would cheat on her halfway and gave her a surprise.

  When arrived at the community where Sun Meng lived, the driver looked at Tang Yao and said. "Ms. Tang, it is here."

  Tang Yao recovered, and politely smiled to the driver, "Thank you for sending me back. Drive carefully on the road."

  The driver nodded.

  When Tang Yao got off the car, the driver driveddirectly back to Su to report.

  Entering the apartment, Sun Meng rushed over, wearing a dolled home clothes and looked Tang Yao upand down.

  "Hearing from the mouth of Playboy Suqimo, I gotto know that Su Leng Mo took you away. I was not so worried. This oneis definitely more reliable than any otherrich second generations.His private life is extremely clean. Many ladies want to hook up with him, and they don’t even get a chance. But you are preferred by him."

  Sun Meng handed Tang Yao a bottle of drink and gave Su a very high evaluation.

  Su Lengmo was like his name---cold, indifferent, self-defendant.He wasthe golden bachelor inJin City that all the female celebrity and stars wantedto marry him.

  Even Tang Yao, whose mind was only full of Gu Shaoze, hadheard everyone’s evaluation of Su Lengmo.

  So when she woke up this morningand found that she had a sex with Su Lengmo, who was known as the golden bachelor, shewasalmost scared to death.

  Sun Meng looked at Tang Yaosuspiciously, whose face was changing. And thena wid guess lighted up in her mind.

  "Did you and Su Lengmo ..."

  "Do you think that men with high social status like Su Lengmo will mess up with a drunken woman?" Tang Yao panicked and subconsciously asked her.

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