Chapter 4 For Later Meeting

  He never knew that a drunken woman could be so clinging. He wanted to put her on the bed. But when she just lied down, she immediately sticked to him like an octopus again.

  "Hot, I am so hot."

  The small mouth of Tang kept open and closed, even her breath smelt so good.

  Su Lengmo found that Tang Yao’s body was hot, which showed that she must have been drugged. Thinking of the strange things that Su Qimo said earlier, his face turned dark.

  This kid, dare to use such a tricky move.

  Tang Yao didn't know what Su Lengmo was thinking right now, but she just kissed his lips instinctively.

  Su Leng Mo stood still, looking down at the drunken little woman. The darkness from the depths of his eyes turned into a deep affection.

  It was impossible to do nothing when the woman he got a crush on was in his arms. After all, he was not a saint.

  But the more he cared, the more he wanted to restrain himself.

  He didn't want to break his impression in Tang Yao's mind because of a momentary joy.

  "Give me that, I am so hot."

  Tang Yao didn't know the ups and downs in the heart of Su Lengmo, but just wanted to ease her heat by instinct.

  Su Lengmo, who had always stayed cool no matter what happened, couldn’t bear it at this moment. Also, he didn’t want to restrain his desire anymore.

  He took the person directly to the bed, and looked at her obviously confused face.

  "Yao Yao."

  Su Lengmu's slender fingers touched Tang Yao with pity, and the low voice was full of charm.

  "I planned to let you go, but you are too tempting. I am afraid that if I let you go this time. we will have no chance to meet in the future."

  After saying that, he kissed Tang Yao’s lips directly.

  Soon, the temperature in the room gradually increased.

  This night, Tang Yao was so confused that she couldn’t even think about thingsof Gu Shaoze orChen Yuan.

  The next day, she was awakened by the sunlight.

  She slowly opened her eyes and looked around, seeinga big blue bed. The style of the bedroom was also a warm blue color, which made the bedroom look warm.

  The bedroom was quitelarge, but there were not many decorations in the room, so it looked a little bit empty.

  The room was beautiful. Outside the French window was a large balcony. But no matter how beautiful the room was, it could not make Tang Yao feel happy, because this was not her room.

  She was anxious to get up from the bed,butas a result, the pain of her body brought her back to bed.

  She couldn't help but moan. Suddenly, thinking of something, her face went paled.

  She was not a little girl who never have sex before. It was impossiblefor herto notrealizewhat the body's abnormality meant.

  Her right hand trembled. She opened the quilt and looked inside. When she saw that shewaswearing nothing, the hope remaining in her heart was completely broken.

  "You are awake?"

  Su Lengmo pushed the breakfast cart in and saw Tang Yao looking at him with surprise, asking coldly.

  Tang Yao was stunned. She did not expect Su Lengmo to behere.

  "Su, Su..."

  Tang Yao’s mind wentblank and she spoke with a pronounced stutter.

  Seeing that she was a little bit panic,Su Lengmosmiled and seemed to be very pleasant.

  He walked over to the bed and bent down, naturally dropping a kiss on Tang Yao's forehead.

  Tang Yao was surprised first, then immediately thought of her identity, an anger from the bottom of her heart lashed out. She pushed Su Lengmo away angrily.

  "Mr.Su, please be respectful."

  She yelled.

  She and Su Lengmo were not so familiar with each other. They only met several times at the banquet which she attended as the wife of Gu Shaoze. She andShao Ze had a brief conversation with him and thenthey had almost no connection.

  Now Su Lengmo was so intimate to her now,whichwasfar beyond her understanding to him.

  "Tang Yao, when you were clinging with me last night,you didn't ask me to respect you."

  Su Lengmo got close to Tang Yao. His breath touchedTang Yao’s facewhichwas a little itchy.

  Tang Yao wanted to hide from him, and her eyes flashed, afraid of seeing that cold look of Su.

  She tried so hard to think about what happened last night. In addition to the memory of drinking in the private room, she couldn't remember anything. She didn't even know how she met Su Leng.

  "Get up for breakfast, or do you prefer to be eaten by me?"

  Su Lengmo laughed.His handsome face looked languid, andhe deliberately lowered his voice, showing the especially sexy charm.

  Tang Yao’s face began to blush, and looking at Su’s wicked gaze, her face was completely red.

  "Your body shape is very good."

  Following the eyes of Su Leng Mo, Tang Yao was shocked to see that the quilt on her body slipped, revealing a body full of bruises.

  She shyly and smugly covered her body with the quilt, pushed away Su and quickly ran into the bathroom.

  Su Leng couldn't help but laugh, the mellow and charming laughter echoed throughout the bedroom.

  Tang Yao, who was hiding in the bathroom, took a deep breath,trying to calm her beating heart.

  Going to the mirror, looking at her red cheeks in the mirror, Tang Yao’s heart sank a little.

  She had a sex with Su Lengmo.

  Gu Shaoze made Chen Yuan pregnant, now she had sex with another man after drinking. Both of them were having an affair. No one could blame on others.

  Tang Yao’s mindwas in a mess. If he was a stranger, she could pretend that she just got bitten by a snake. Then the whole thingwould pass and there was no need to put it in her heart.

  She annoyedly opened the faucet and put her entire face into the sink, letting the water rush over her hair.

  When she sluice her head in a rush, she felt uncomfortable with her body, so she took a shower. Aftershe finished the shower, she found that she had no clothes to put on. She could not go out with a quilt.

  It seemed that there was telepathy betwee them.When tang thinking about clothes, there came a knock on the door.

  "Open the door, your clothes."

  Su Leng Mo stood at the door.

  Tang Yao hesitated, and finally went to open the door, reaching out her hand and quickly taking the clothes of Su Leng Mou, and then closed the door.

  After dressing up, she took a deep breath and went out of the bathroom. Su was sitting on the sofa, eating breakfast elegantly.In the sunshine, even though he was only having the breakfast, itlookedas beautiful as apainting.

  Tang Yao could not help but staring at him.

  With only a few intersections, Tang Yao knew that Su Lengmo was a dazzling man who would make women stick their eyes on him.

  "Come and have breakfast."

  Su said faintly.

  Tang Yao came back to earthand glanced at him with a bit annoyance. She walked over and took her own bag and wanted to left.

  Su Lengmo quickly stepped forward and grabbed her wrist directly.

  "You can’tleave only ifyou finish your breakfast."

  Tang Yao became more and more annoyed, looking at him with anger. "Mr. Su, I don’t remember anything last nightandyou can forget itaswell.We’readults.Don’t ever think that you had sex with me, then I’ll be all yours."

  Su’s face turned dark, his eyes covered with haze. And he directly grabbed Tang Yao’s hand and pressed her to the sofa, forcing her to finish his carefully prepared breakfast.

  Tang Yao was so frustrated. She didn’t understand what Su was thinking.

  "Finish your breakfast, otherwise you won’t get out of here today."

  Su Lengmo put the knife and fork into the hands of Tang Yao, then picked up the coffee on the trolley, went to the other side to sit down, took a newspaper and looked at it gracefully.

  Tang Yao felt it was so ridiculous, and then smiled and finishedbreakfast in a fit of pique.

  Suppressingall her anger and indignation, she decided tohave a good meal. She ate a little bit more unconsciouslyandwas completely full when she finished.

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