Chapter 50 I’d rather give birth to a dog instead of you

  Luo Meijuan also feels that it’s a pity, “Gu, you are so beautiful, with a good figure and temperament, and dance well. It is a pity that you don’t go into acting. Even if you don’t like acting, don’t you like the Guru - Li? Don’t you like Mr. Huo? If you go to Asia Entertainment, maybe Mr. Huo will have a crush on you; if you go to Enlight Culture, you will get closer to the Guru - Li. As the old saying goes, aperson in a favourable position gains special advantages.”

  Song Jia goes to poke their heads one by one. She, having poked Sun Leilei’s head, goes to poke Luo Meijuan’s head, “You, without going through the royal road, always think about the low road. Have a crush? In a favourable position? Gain special advantages? It belongs to you ultimately if it really does; otherwise; your enforcement is unavailing. Gu did that for her own reason. You, don’t bother her. She had just recovered. Don’t push her too hard.”

  Song Jia, as the eldest in the dorm, behaves as a big sister. Sun Leilei, proud as she is, twitches her lips and goes out for fun, and Luo Meijuan goes to play with her fellows as well.

  Gu Yanxi goes to lie on her bed, staring at the top of the roof.

  Song Jia, having washed her clothes in the rest room, comes to hang them out. She glances at Gu Yanxi, sits on her bed, and says, “Gu, although Sun and Luo overstate, they are not irrational. Even if you have no interest in the Guru - Li and Mr. Huo, you should admit that you are in straitened circumstances. If you sign a contract with one of the companies, you will not need...economic freedom is so nice.”

  Gu Yanxi sighs, “Song, do you think Huo Yichen and Li Ruitian come to me purely for cherishing talents? All those elder sisters in Performing Department boast their incomparable acting skills. Appearance is just a kind of false impressionin the role. And there are many beautiful vases. Since they entertain dark schemes, I don’t want to get involved.”

  Song Jia takes a deep breath, “Gu, I didn’t expect you see so clearly. When you face the giant vanity and profit, your calmness scares me. Indeed, I heard from Chen Chusheng that Li Ruitian came to you due to Li Guang. But I don’t know why Huo Yichen came to you. I thought you may pretend to know nothing and sign the contract, at least to get rid of the current trouble.”

  Gu Yanxi says, “I will figure out how to get rid of the current trouble. However, I refuse to jump into another vortex in order to get rid of current trouble.”

  Song Jia pats Gu Yanxi’s hand, “Since you have your own idea, I will not worry about you anymore. Tell me if you need any help.”

  “OK, thank you, Song.”Gu Yanxi smiles.

  “Don’t say those silly words.”Song Jia smiles and goes to read by the window.

  Gu Yanxi takes her phone to check, “Today is Thursday, tomorrow is Friday, and Saturday will be soon. I spent last Saturday in the ward. How about this Saturday?”

  Liu Manman who has got divorce with Gu Zi’an is sent away empty. How miserable Gu Yanxi was, and now she is the same with Gu Yanxi at that time.

  Liu Manman is expelled from the college. She engineered to land Gu Yanxi into the situation of being expelling from school, but in the end she has been expelled.

  In an apartment, Liu Ruping rains down curses on Liu Manmam’s head, “You, a money - loss - girl, I’d rather give birth to a dog instead of you.”

  “Why don’t you say that when I got married with Gu Zi’an? You kept flashing me around, and you said you are worth giving birth to me - a phoenix!”Liu Manman shouts to her mother, with her hair disheveled.

  Liu Ruping takes a broom and is going to beat Liu Manman, “How daring you are to talk back to me! If you follow Gu Zi’an for a longer time, you would get more benefits. Look at your damn face. After a two-month marriage, you are out on the street, even without any jewelry. You are shameless to get back and ask for money! Go out to get money. What the hell are you doing back here! ”

  Liu Manman grabs the broom in Liu Ruping’s hand and throws it hard on the ground, “Mad woman, the house you are living now is bought by me through my coquetry to Gu Zi’an! The ring on your hand is also presented by me! Right, all these are mine. Now, give all these back to me, go out and live with those wild men!”

  Liu Ruping protects the ring on her finger, preventing it from be robbed by Liu Manman, “You little jerk. I raised you grow up. How daring you are to ask me to pay you back! Useless jerk, Gu Zi’an is so wealthy, but you merely asked him to buy me a house of dozens of square meters and such a small ring. You, with evil intentions, deserve to be wiped out by Gu Zi’an.”

  “I hadn’t been with Gu Zi’an for a long time. What did he consider, if I bought you a big house and a big ring?”

  “You didn’t buy me a big house and a big ring, but you are cast out, just like a dog. You damn ass. You, stupid as you are, don’t extort money from men when they love you.”

  “How many men have you slept with for your life? How many times have you slept with men for free? You have been kicked out, just like a dog. You are a genuine damn ass!”

  They two fight in he room, with harsh abuses. No trace of kin relationship can be found between them, as if they were enemies. At last, they, tired of fighting with each other, lie on the ground, panting.

  Liu Ruping lies on the ground for a while and then receives a phone call. Having finished the call, she turns to be happy immediately. She starts to clean up, dress up and makeup, and after that, she goes away, twisting her waist.

  Liu Manman turns over on the ground, bends her fingers resentfully, and scratches on the ground.

  She cannot blame this on her schoolmates that they scold her mother a bitch. Actually, her mother is not as good as a bitch. The bitches can earn money after sleeping with men, while her mother clings to men mostly, and sometimes she is even tricked out of her money.

  “Why I have a mother like this? My appearance is not bad. Why I live such a deplorable life!”Liu Manman thinks.

  “Gu Yanxi, you have ruined everything of me. You schemed me and urged Gu Zi’an to kick me out. You grabbed the opportunity of performing Flying Apsarasfrom me, which made you famous, and as a result, Huo Yichen and Li Ruitian compete to sign up with you. You ruined me and now I am looked down by Liu Ruping. I am bound to let you pay the price.”Liu Manman thinks.

  Gu Yanxi, standing on the threshold of her previous marriage house, feels chilly on her back somehow. She turns round and finds nothing.

  She steps forward. Looking at the house once brimming over with all her longing and desire, she feels the piercing pain in her heart. She had put all these stuff inside and dreamed that she would live a happy life with Gu Zi’an.

  However, she fell from heaven to hell that day.

  “Miss Gu, do you really want to sell it? The house, in a good location, is such a nice villa. Now, the house price is continuously increasing. You will surely regret later, if you sell it.”The estate agent feels distressed.

  Gu Yanxi nods affirmatively, “Yes, I will give up the appreciation in the next few months. You can pay the original price, plus the interior decoration. I need money urgently.”

  The estate agent understands. He takes some photos and uploads the house information on the Internet that day.

  Saturday, Gu Yanxi gets back. Cock Sister Zhang is cocking in the kitchen, “Madam, you are back. You didn’t get back last Saturday. I worry about you very much.”

  Gu Yanxi hands the paper bag to Cock Sister Zhang, “I was caught unprepared last Saturday. Oh, I bought you baked sweet potatoes. I remember that you like to eat.’

  Cock Sister Zhang, happy as she is, takes the bag over hurriedly from Gu Yanxi, “Madam, thank you for bringing me these snacks when you get back. Mister will get back tonight. He called me and asked me to cook some delicious food.”

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