Chapter 49 Come here to vandalize

  Gu Yanx feels tight and steps forward carefully, “President, you are looking for me?!”

  The president nods and waves his hand, “Gu, come here, come closer. You won an honor for our college during the autumn show. You had an accident after the show, which is our negligence.”

  Gu Yanxi steps two more steps forward and stops, “President, I did what I should do. The accident is accidental. I am OK now. I don’t...don’t know why you find me here. I should attend the class now.”

  Gu Yanxi stares at the president and tries her best to shield her eyesight from Huo Yichen and the middle-aged man. She doesn’t want to stay in the same space with Huo Yichen, and she, without knowing what he wants to do, is eager to leave.

  Director Liu of Dance Department comes over, a middle-aged woman in her forties, with good temperament and talent, was once the deputy head of a famous dance troupe in Jingzhou.

  “Gu Yanxi, it is our Dance Department’s honor to have a student like you. You won an honor for our college in the autumn show, and two giant cultural companies domestically come in for you. Today, Mr. Huo and Mr. Li who come to our college are seeking cooperation with you.”

  Gu Yanxi feels her heart tighten, and frowns, “Director Liu, I don’t know exactly what you mean.”

  Director Liu smiles while holding Gu Yanxi’s hand to go forward, “Gu, my meaning is quite clear. Don’t you get it? Mr. Huo and Mr. Li cherish the talents. Both of them want to sign you up and help you become a movie actress.”

  Gu Yanxi, who is pulled to Huo Yichen and Li Ruitian, stands stiffly, having no idea where she should put her hands.

  Huo Yichen, dressed in a custom-made sharp suit, sits on the chair, crossing his legs and giving out an overwhelming superiority. He, with his deep eyes and powerful presence, gives a sense of oppression to others.

  By contrast, Li Ruitian, who is at middle age, has no sharpness anymore. He is restraint. He, with his slightly-rotund body, is not serious at all, showing a bit of unguarded closeness.

  Gu Yanxi, after a short panic, bows to Huo Yichen and Yi Ruitian, “Hi, Mr. Li and Mr. Huo.”

  Huo Yichen replies a single syllable with his nose, “Uh.”

  Li Ruitian shows more kindness, “Gu, don’t be so polite. We are one family, after you join the company.”

  Huo Yichen chuckles aside, “Mr. Li, don’t rush to conclusion. Gu hasn’t made her decision yet. You say, you are one family. Isn’t that a little inappropriate?”

  Li Ruitian also smiles, “I believe Gu is quite clever. She knows which place is better. Miss Gu, to tell you the truth, my company is planning a film with youth as its theme, and your performance during the autumn show gives me a great shock. Therefore, I come here specially to cooperate with you.”

  Gu Yanxi is rather panicked, “Mr. Li, you...”

  Huo Yichen says aside before Gu Yanxi expresses her ideas, “Mr. Li, my company, paying attention to improve step by step, slowly but surely, hasn’t thought about offering her important role at first. Although she is clever with a just-so-so appearance, she needs practice.”

  The president, seeing Huo Yichen and Li Ruitian grab Gu Yanxi, leaves his seat and comes over, “Well, Gu, you gain the favor from the two bosses with your skills. Take the chance. You, benefiting from your talent and hard work, have outshone the students of Performing Department. I trust you, whichever you choose as the place for your future growth, you will always be the pride of our college.”

  Gu Yanxi, hanging her head, knows clearly she is not that excellent.

  “Li Ruitian is Li Guang’s father. Maybe, Li Ruitian cherishes her today due to her stimulation to Li Guang last time. Huo Yichen seeksto prevail over others. He will not cast a glance at stuff showing there. However, if somebody else comes to rob it, the stuff will turn into a good thing. Enen though he doesn’t care it, he will not handle over it to others.”Gu Yanxi thinks.

  “Mr. Li, Mr. Huo, thank you for your appreciation. I am sorry. My major is dancing, and I have no idea to enter the entertainment circle in the future. Sorry. If you don’t have other things, I will go back to my class.”

  Gu Yanxi says quietly and bows to Huo Yichen and li Ruitian. Then, she nods to the president and Director Liu, and is about to leave.

  Huo Yichen has guessed what she would do, and that is her cleverness. She doesn’t choose any side on this occasion, so that she will defense nobody and can lift up her price.

  However, Li Ruitian feels surprised. To his surprise, Gu Yanxi is quite calm in her eyes. Since the two giants domestically take a fancy to her, she would be surprised and excited, even if she, without offending two sides, doesn’t make any choice. However, she is as calm as a pond of lake, with no trace of excitement at all.

  “Wait, Gu.”Li Ruitian stands up from his seat and comes over, “Gu, I heard that currently, you are in straitened circumstances. Do you want to know how much salary I offer to you?”

  Gu Yanxi, holding her hands close to her outer right thigh, shakes her head at last, “I am sorry, Mr. Li.”

  Gu Yanxi goes away, without turning around her head.

  Director Liu says out of pity, “Gu is too stubborn. She doesn’t feel excited at all, when she is offered such a good opportunity.”

  Huo Yichen hangs up a vague smile secretly. He knows Gu Yanxi will not sign a contract with Enlight Culture if he sits here.

  Huo Yichen really wanted to offer her an opportunity, when Gu Yanxi acted with him to drive Li Guang away. He wants her to go into acting and feel grateful to him. However, Gu Yanxi, ungrateful as she was, refused Huo Yichen and annoyed him. But having seen her performance that day, he changed his ideas. He feels safe to hide her at home.

  Therefore, Huo Yichen comes here to destroy, not to sign Gu Yanxi up.

  Gu Yanxi, having finished the whole-day classes, goes back to the dorm, and Sun Leilei goes crazy. Sun Leilei grabs Gu Yanxi and shakes her hard, “Gu, you are silly. I can’t believe you are so silly. The students in Performing Department rack their brains to see Huo Yichen and Li Ruitian, but they have failed. thetwo bosses come to invite you personally, but you refused.”

  Gu Yanxi stretches her hands to hold her head, “Sun, stop shaking. Otherwise, my head will fall off.”

  “I will keep shaking. I will shake your head off and exchange a clever head for you.”

  Song Jia, seeing Gu suffer from Sun, comes to save Gu and pulls Sun to one side, “If Gu’s head is replaced by yours, the two bosses are bound to run away and will not caught by you. They value Gu’s character, so they offered an olive branch toher.”

  Sun Leilei, clutching at her hair with her hands, feels like breaking down, “But it is a pity. What a pity!”

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