Chapter 48 Cross the sea under camouflage

  Qin Feng’s fox-liked eyes blink, which causes the hairs on the back of Song Jia and Sun Leilei to stand straight, and the lombard’sbusiness cards equal to hot potatoes.

  Song Jia, having seen off Qin Feng, goes to the ward with the other three persons. Seeing that Gu Yanxi sleep soundly, she feels relieved.

  Luo Meijuan, staring at the business cards, says, “Gu, Sun, what do you think about the place - Nightking? Mr. Qin is the boss of NightKight. He is so young and handsome.”

  Song Jia warns Luo Meiwei, “Luo, stop your thinkings about Qin Feng. Be careful. He may sell you for money.”

  Luo Meijuan blinks her eyes, “Qin is a successful man, no lack of money!”

  Sun Leilei gives Luo Meijuan a disdainful look, “Luo, you come from a small town, so you don’t know Nightking. To put it mildly, that is a private recreation club. In fact, it is a high-end brothel. But low-end girls are not qualified to work there. The “call girls”are some unknown models, third-rate actors, school belles, beautiful female students and part-time stewardess. I heard from my brother that Qin Feng often goes to some art schools, so as to pick up “call girls”for Nightking. ”

  Luo Meijuan, scared as she is, throws away the cards, “Oh my God, how could we meet such a person?! Doesn’t he have any purpose to save Gu?”

  Song Jia, after some consideration, says, “We do it this way. After Gu wakes up, we tell her that we and Li have saved her, rather than Qin Feng.”

  Luo Meijua frowns, “What if Qin Feng finds Gu and tells her that he has saved her?”

  Sun Leilei adds, “Luo, don’t be silly. The facts are in the majority. Qin Feng’s words cannot work; what’s more, he is notorious. We all tell Gu that we have saved her with Li. Do you think Gu believes us or Qin Feng?”

  Luo Meijuan nods, “That’s true. We can say, Qin Feng lies and wants Gu to show grateful to him. Then, Gu will refuse to believe him. ”

  Two heads are better than one. The three girls, after some discussion, take the credit from Qin Feng.

  Gu Yanxi wakes up until ten o’clock next day. Then, she suffers from fever, oppression in chest and cough. The medical report shows that her pneumonia is recurrent. So, she is hospitalized and need to take medicine for seven straight days.

  Since Gu Yanxi has no families, her three roommates takes turns to look after her. Song Jia and Sun Leilei even go to the college president’s office, complaining that a major accident happened during the autumn show and Gu Yanxi is lying in the hospital, half-dead.

  The college president investigates the accident thoroughly. As expected, the staff of Technology Department informed Liu Manman during the rehearsal. Due to the unexpected replacement of leading actress, Gu Yanxi had no idea that she can get down by herself. As a result, the accident happened. For all of these, the staff of Technology Department, without confirming during the formal performance and checking afterwards, is held accountable. Director Li of Dance Department should take big part of the responsibility. He doesn’t inform anybody for the unexpected substitution, which is the main reason for the accident.

  Therefore, the result is that Director Li not only apologizes in public, but also publishes that Liu Manman threatened him to replace the role of leading actress, and that due to her unexpected escape, Gu Yani served as the substitute, which causes the major accident.

  At last, Liu Manman, who have caused a bad effect on the school ethos, is expelled from school; so does Director Li, who has deceived both superiors and subordinates as well as made monkey business with students, thus undermining the school ethos.

  Dance Department, where a rotten apple and a clown have been driven away, receives much praise from the students and teachers, and the college finally emerges as aplace of purity.

  The third day Gu Yanxi is in hospital, Gu Zi’an, sitting in a wheelchair, visits Gu Yanxi. Gu Yanxi doesn’t alienate Gu Zi’an because of Liu Manman’s falling down. Instead, she wants to get more from Gu Zi’an.

  Gu Yanxi has spied into Gu Zi’an with that nurse actually, and the nurse said the chief physician says Gu Zi’an has lost his male function. The doctor tells Gu Zi’an that his male function may be affected, in order to comfort him. One of his ball has to be removed, and the other is damaged as well. Even though he keeps one of the balls and it will recover later, it cannot work any more.

  Now, Gu Yanxi, who approaches Gu Zi’an, has nothing to fear.

  During Gu Yanxi’s hospitalization, her teachers go to visit her, and the school leaders visit her with care fund. They tell Gu Yanxi to have a good rest, and a surprise is awaiting her after she gets back to school.

  Gu Yanxi has no idea of the surprise the school leaders mention. For her, she has lost half of her life after she falls ill and cannot breathe, and during this period, Huo Yichen brings that model out for business entertainment.

  Seven days later, Gu Yanxi gets back to school and invites her three roommates for dinner, in order to thank them, who have taken care of her, without spending any time in their homework.

  Song Jia says, “Gu, we can invite Chen Chusheng and Li Mu as well. They have helped us search you at that night for a long time.”

  Gu Yanxi nods, “OK. Song, prepare for it and select a good place.”

  At night, Song Jia finds a good place to invite several persons. The four girls go to the restaurant close to school. It is a middle-end restaurant, neither expensive nor crummy. They arrives at the place, and soon after the four men - Chen Chusheng, Li Mu, Song Lei and Li Guang go inside one after the other.

  Gu Yanxi thought Li Guang would not come, since she humiliated him with the assistance of Huo Yichen. However, Li Guang buried the hatchet and saved her.

  The people, familiar with each other, soon chat freely. Li Guang who sits on the chair is playing his phone, as if he came here merely for the purpose of playing his phone.

  The meal is severed, and Gu Yanxi pours a cup of tea for herself and stands up, “Ladies and gentlemen, when I got into trouble, you searched for me around in the midnight. I am so touched. Your help is much appreciated. Today, I propose a toast with a cup of tea. Thanks.”

  Everyone takes a cup of wine and bottoms up.

  Gu Yanxi takes a sit; after some consideration, she brings a big red crab into Li Guang’s pan and says, “Thank you, Li.”

  Li Guang has no idea why Gu Yanxi extends thanks to him separately. In her heart, he is different from others, so she thanks him individually? Or, she hears that his father wants to sign her up, so she greases the wheels in advance?

  Song Jia, Sun Leilei and Luo Meijuan know what Gu Yanxi means, so they prevaricate and cut in, urging everyone to have a good time. Gu Yanxi, who has just recovered from a serious illness, drinks tea, while Li Guang merely eats a crab.

  The eight persons are happy for the whole night, and then go back to the dorm together.

  The next day, the school leaders ask Gu Yanxi to the president’s office.

  Gu Yanxi, thinking the surprise the school leaders had mentioned, goes to the president’s office happily. She thinks she will get award after the autumn show.

  After knocking the door, Gu Yanxi is shocked on site immediately, while entering the office.

  In the president’s office, there are the president and the new director of Dance Department; Huo Yichen and a middle-aged man she knows nothing about are also sitting there.

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