Chapter 47 Accident after the show

  It occurs to Gu Yanxi suddenly that Liu Manman rehearsed the previous day. The staff should have talked with Liu Manman about how to get down. However, she acted as a substitute and had no idea about that. The staff didn’t know Gu Yanxi served as the leading actress.

  “Hello, is anybody here?”Gu Yanxi shouts out, lying on the gym roof.

  Not a soul is seen, let alone any echo.

  “Hello, I am on the roof. Is anybody here.”Gu Yanxi shouts out with all her strength, but no one replies.

  “Shit, the silk ribbon was taken back to somewhere else. I cannot get down, and it is so dark all around. - in the pitch dark. If I miss the step, with the height of more than ten meters, I will drop to the ground heavily, which equals to falling from the fourth floor. Besides, I have no mobile phone for help.”She thinks.

  Gu Yanxi wraps her clothes subconsciously and shouts out, “Hello, I am on the roof. Hello...”

  Sun Leilei is sitting on the back stage to wait. She, seeing the people come in and out to clean their makeup and leave away, doesn’t see Gu Yanxi get back.

  “The show causes a great sensation, and the college leaders find her to praise her? A director who feels satisfied with her is talking with her?”Sun Leilei, having seen the last student get away , mutters to leave the back stage while taking Gu Yanxi’s clothes and handbag. The exit of the back stage is the back door of the gymnasium. Since nobody is at the back door, she goes to the front door, and nobody is there either. It is dark all around, and nobody is talking with Gu Yanxi for praising.

  Sun Leilei goes to consult with the guard, “Uncle, is anybody inside?”

  The old man says impatiently while yawing, “There is nobody inside. Everybody has left for a long time.”

  “Gu is really mean. You didn’t tell me when you left. Your clothes and phone are here. How could you walk around with the dancing costume?! Or, you impatient as you are, are waiting for me in the spicy hot spot restaurant?”Thinking of this, Sun Leilei runs to the spicy hot pot restaurant at the school gate. Eleven o’clock in the midnight, the spicy hot pot restaurant has been closed.

  “You idiot, must feel so cold to go to the dorm.”

  Sun Leilei runs back to the dorm swearing and kicks the door open, “Gu, you fool, get up.”

  The light is on, and Luo Meijuan sits up, confused, “Sun, Gu and you have the show, right? Why you come back, but Gu doesn’t?”

  Sun Leilei lifts up her heart suddenly, “What? Gu doesn’t get back?”

  Luo Meijuan nods, “Yes, Song called me that she would get back late in the night because she would celebrate for her boyfriend.”

  Sun Leilei puts all Gu Yanxi’s stuff on the bed and starts to pull her hair, “Luo, where do you think Gu will go? After the show, she didn’t get back to the back stage, and there is nobody inside and outside of the gymnasium. We agreed to eat in the spicy hot pot after the show, and the restaurant has been closed, with no one found there. I thought she got back without informing me, but she is not in the dorm. ”

  Luo Meijuan is frightened, “Sun, now is midnight. Nothing happened to Gu, didn’t it? The news report says that one rapist is still on the run.”

  Sun Leilei, having heard Luo Meijuan’s words, is scared. So, they wear thick clothes hurriedly and run out. Sun Leilei, who finds both of them running everywhere just like headless chicken, with no backbone, calls to Song Jia for help, “Song, bad news, Gu is lost!”

  Song Jia drops her chopsticks on the table, “What? Gu is lost?”

  Seven or eight persons are eating with Song Jia, and Li Guang’s view moves to Song Jia immediately.

  Huo Yichen has been on the bed after he got back to the Yulin Villa, and his phone rings suddenly, “Mr. Huo, Madam hasn’t get back to the dorm yet, and her roommates are looking for her everywhere.”

  Huo Yichen rolls over and sits up, “Say it again!”

  Ten persons, including Sun Leilei and Song Jia, go off separately to look for Gu Yanxi. Li Guang and Li Mu go to the gym again. They break in, although the guard doesn’t allow them to go inside. They turn on all the lights and search the stage thoroughly, but find nobody.

  Huo Yichen arrives at the gym soon after Li Guang and Li Mu leaves in haste.

  “Gu Yanxi is lost in the gym. It’ssaid that her roommates took her clothes back to the college. She even didn’t get back to the back stage to clean the makeup or change the clothes. What’s the rush, or...”Huo Yichen thinks.

  Huo Yichen, standing in the middle of the stage, lifts up his head to the roof.

  Huo Yichen climbs the steel pipe scaffold on the wall to the ceiling, searches inside with his light on the phone, and finally he finds Gu Yanxi who is curling into a ball.

  Gu Yanxi, without any consciousness, is chilled to the bone. The thin clothes on her body cannot keep out the cold at all; as a result, her face and lips turn to purple. Huo Yichen takes off his coat and wraps her up, warms her in his arms, and takes her down hurriedly.

  In the hospital, Qin Feng, who rushes to the ward, feels pain in his heart when seeing Gu Yanxi lying on the bed without any consciousness, “Poor sister-in-law, you have lain on the ceiling for several hours, no wonder that you almost freeze to death. The air circulates on the ceiling, where it is much colder than the ground. What did the doctor say?”

  “The doctor said she is in the special period, she fainted due to overdraft health and coldness. After she wakes up, tell her that you have brought her down.”Huo Yichen says.

  Qin Feng is puzzled, “You are nuts. You rescue her and offer her a chance of being grateful to you and making it up with you. However, you prevent her from knowing it is you who have saved her life. Is there anything wrong with your brain?”

  Huo Yichen grits his teeth and sneers coldly, “Why do I make it up with her? Or else, she would misunderstand - the reason why I have rescued her is that I care about her. That is not my option.”

  Qin Feng curls his lip and says in a low voice, “Double-dealer, it seems that you don’t care about her.”

  Huo Yichen gazes at Qin Feng one eye, and Qin Feng says immediately, “You don’t care about her. You have nothing to do with her whether she will live or die. She is your enemy, the person you get revenge on, OK. Since you have nothing to do with her, leave right now, and leave me alone with my sister-in-law. ”

  Huo Yichen stretches out his hand, seizes Qin Feng’s collar, and drags Qin Feng out, “Stay outside. I will break over you leg, if you get inside.”

  “Whoops, damn, shit, less than human!”

  Huo Yichen goes away, leaving Qin Feng sitting in the doorway, as if he was a God of Door, listening to the wind in the corridor.

  “I owe you. I owe you in the former life.”

  Ten minutes later, several persons, including Song Jia and Sun Leilei, run over, “Mr. Qin?”

  Qin Feng stands up, “Gu Yanxi’s roommates?”

  Song Jie nods, “Yes, we are her roommates.”

  Qin Feng, with his eyes just like those of a fox, having seen Li Guang hide in the end of the corridor, gets back his eyesight and says, “I watched the show in the gym tonight and after I left, I realized that my handbag was left on the seat, so I got back to take my bag. As a result, I heard some abnormal noise on the roof of the gym. I was very curious, so I climbed up to check and found her. She had fainted, so I brought her to the hospital and found you here with great efforts. ”

  Sun Leilei extends her thanks hurriedly, “Thank you, Mr. Qin. Thanks for your Lei Feng spirit and help others in distress. Could you tell us your contact number? Gu Yanxi will thank you personally after waking up.”

  Qin Feng takes several business cards and delivers them to Sun Leilei, “I am Qin Feng, the boss of NightKing. I like pretty girls. If you are interested, come and have fun.”

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