Chapter 46 It must be you

  Director Li grinds his teeth and stamps his feet, “Sun, it was a slip of tongue just now. Let’s do it this way. I invite you to eat some supper in Ginza after the show in order to show my sincere apology, OK?”

  “Ginza?”Sun Leilei, raising her eyebrows, glances at Gu Yanxi.

  Gu Yanxi stretches out her hand and knocks at Sun Leilei’s head, “You are a foodie,ardent and enthusiasticabout eating all the day! You just said you would invite me to eat spicy hot after the show.”

  Sun Leilei nods, “You are right. I forgot it. Sorry, Director Li, let’s go to Ginza next time.”

  Gu Yanxi, having finished her makeup, goes to wait with the other actors at the front stage. Director Li seems to have ants in his pants, with sweat on his forehead. Half of the programs have finished after the show Gu Yanxi takes part in. The final show will be soon. Director Li is very anxious.

  As a piece of Indian music starts to play, Gu Yanxi follows her partners and shows up on the stage, barefoot in the pace of light. Indian Belly is quite different from Western Latin in style. Previously, Gu Yanxi exposes her arms and legs, while she exposes her whole belly at this time, with the skirt hanging on her hips. She twists her waist and hips, with exotic charm, attracting many people’s eyes.

  Huo Yichen, as a boss of entertainment-culture corporation, has seen many models revealing themselves in front of the camera and considered it quite normal. He knows this kind of performance is normal. But seeing Gu Yanxi perform this show, he feels a burst of unreasoning anger burning in his chest, and wants to dig out all the other people’s eyeballs.

  Qin Feng, who sits behind Huo Yichen, pats Huo Yichen’s shoulder, leans close to him and whispers, “Sister-in-law has a perfect shape. Dear lord, when I look at her body, my heart is stolen away.”

  Huo Yichen stretches out his hand and sizes Qin Feng’s hand on his shoulder. As a result, Qin Feng, feeling the pain, almost screams. He, with his eggplant-purple face, is about to bend his kneel to Huo Yichen, and then Huo Yichen loosens his hand.

  Qin Feng calms down immediately, blowing to his pinched hand, dares not to gossip any more or look at Gu Yanxi. He glances at the girls around Gu Yanxi, so as to figure out which one is suitable to be the fresh blood of NightKing.

  Li Guang draws back his eyesight from the stage and glances at Huo Yichen, who sits next to his father. Huo Yichen, with one of his hands around his chest and the other rubbing his chin, concentrateshisattention onone of the girls on the stage. Hispiercinggazeis just like that of a hunter. Seeing this, Li Guang clenches his fists secretly.

  After the show, Gu Yanxi gets back to the back stage. Sun Leilei delivers her warm clothes and hot water hurriedly, “You must be frozen. Drink some hot water.”

  Before Gu Yanxi takes one sip of water, Director Li appears in front of her, just like a ghost, with the dedicate costume for Flying Apsarasin his hands.

  “Gu Yanxi, what’s your condition to be the substitute?”Director Li falls down, with a sense of entreaties in his eyes, instead of assuming a commanding manner.

  Gu Yanxi holds the hot water to drink and dodges Director Li, “It must be me?”

  Director Li has to nod, “Yes.”

  Gu Yanxi, sitting on the chair, says in a cold voice, “I was appointed as the leading actress of Flying Apsarasby my teacher. It was you who exerted pressure to my teacher and forced her to give this role to Liu Manman. Now, you ask me to be the substitute provisionally, and I am surely unwilling to accept it. Therefore, I have two conditions. First, after the show, apologize to my teacher on the school radio station in public, and admit that it was your fault to change her decision. Second, explain why you changed the leading actress to Liu Manman. If you promise me these two conditions, I will change the costume at once.”

  Director Li, thinking that tomorrow he will refuse to admit what he did as long as the show is finished tonight, nods, “All right. I promise you these two conditions. After the show, I will make a public apology to your teacher in the college and give some explanation to you.”

  With a sound of “Ding”, Gu Yanxi lifts up her phone and shakes it in front of Director Li, “Director Li, I have recorded our dialogue. I hope you can keep your word after the show.”

  Director Li is speechless...

  Huo Yichen and Li Guang have got to know Gu Yanxi takes part in two shows. When Gu Yanxi finishes her shows, they have little interest in the follow-up programs. They would have left early, If they didn’t sit in the front row.

  At last, the host comes to the stage and says with enthusiasm, “Next is the final show of Jingzhou College of Performing Arts, a large-scale epic dance masterpiece performed by the students of Dance Department - Flying Apsaras. Please enjoy.”

  The host goes out of the stage, and the bright stage turns into an expanse of deep blackness. After three seconds, the lights are turned on one by one, and the background is Tunhuang Mogao Grottoes with profound historical significance, and the music is solemnand pervasive. Dozens of women with their light pink frocks appear on the stage and make a lotus shape. At first, the lotus is a bud, and then the leaves turn to be in full bloom gradually with the music. At last, the lotus is in full blossom, with allthe leaves opened, and the woman sleeping on the lotus bud is awakened.

  Huo Yichen, bored as he is, hopes to get the show over, when he is shocked by the woman in the lotus and concentrates his eyes on her.

  Gu Yanxi is wearing a light yellow costume, with a golden silk ribbon girdle on her waist. She wears a flying bun, as well as a plain and antique makeup. A cinnabar mole on her forehead shows up well against her beautiful pupils. She waves her sleeves and twists her waist while dancing to music, resembling a faerie in the world.

  Huo Yichen holds his breath, and Li Guang stares at Gu Yanxi as well. All the people breathe carefully on the stage for fear of disturbing the scene on the stage.

  Flying Apsaras is not only a dance, but also a storyteller and a piece of majestic epic. The faerie in the world goes through numerous hardships in order to benefit the people; at last, she merits perfection and flies away.

  Finally, a soft silk ribbon hangs down from the top of the stage, and the faerie warps her arm in the ribbon and ascends spiral in the sky. Her long cuff flutters, while all the background turns to dark, and a gleam of faint light follows her up until she disappears in the light.

  Huo Yichen holds his breath during the whole process. He feels the pain in the heart, seeing Gu Yanxi fly away on account of the wind in the end. For him, that woman will fly away, just like the faerie in the dance, and he cannot find her any more.

  It is all over. The applause thunders forth after a while of silence in the hall.

  Gu Yanxi, lying in the darkness of the gym roof, with her body drenched in sweat, feels abnormal fatigue.

  Gu Yanxi was feeling uncomfortable before the show. Having finished two shows, she had run out of her strength. Flying Apsarasis around 10 minutes, and she had executed many difficult movements during the 10 minutes. All the movements should be perfect. She had no strength on her arms and almost fell down from the sky while flying away wrapped in silk.

  After half-a-year practice, Gu Yanxi, hearing the applause, knows she made it.

  Gu Yanxi, too tired as she is, closes her eyes for a rest. Having no idea how long it has taken, she is frozen to open her eyes. She feels very cold. The costume, even though without exposing her arms or legs, is extremely thin and cannot keep out the cold.

  Gu Yanxi didn’t expect she would fall asleep. She, without knowing how long she has slept, is frozen to wake up. With no sound below, she lies on her stomach and looks down. Previously, the hall is beautifully lit, and now the gym is completely dark. She looks around and what she sees is darkness. It is quite strange. Nobody tells her how to get down. Why?

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