Chapter 45 Through our own abilities

  There are several blood lines on one side of Gu Yanxi’s neck, quite obviously on her white skin. Apparently, she is scratched by someone.

  Huo Yichen is blue in the face, just like the bottom ash. He is the only person who can touch his woman, and the one who lays their finger on her is courting death.

  The one next to Huo Yichen is the president of the college, who introduces to Huo Yichen, “Mr. Huo, these are the students from Dance Department, and all of them are outstanding. Look at that girl. She is the belle of Dance Department, Gu Yanxi. She is a dancer with strong skills, willing to bear hardships. What’s more, she has a good image and a nice character. She is bound to be someone one day! ”

  Huo Yichen replies in a lukewarm voice, “Um, not bad.”

  Li Ruitian, the boss of Enlight Culture, sits on the other side of Huo Yichen and says to Li Guang next to him, “Is this the girl you mentioned, Gu Yanxi?”

  Li Guang nods, “Um, yes.”

  Li Ruitian admires Gu Yanxi, “She is really good with a nice character. If we can sign up with her, after some time, she is bound to be someone one day.”

  Li Guang says, “Father, you want me to film a youth documentary, and she is the leading lady I selected. I will get back to prepare after you sign up with her. I will go to Tibet to film my documentary, if you cannot sign up with her.”

  Li Ruitian replies with a “Ah”, “You bad guy, dare to threaten your dad. You like her?”

  Li Guang says in a cold voice, “Not exactly, just cherish talent.”

  Li Ruitian pats his son’s leg, “Cherishing talent is good. Me too. Wait, I will give you the leading lady.”

  The dancers have retired from the stage. Huo Yichen tilts his head and stares at Li Ruitian, saying with a half laugh, “Li, our visions are consistent. What a coincidence! I also think that girl is good and wants to sign up with her to Asia Entertainment as a vase.”

  Two of a trade can never agree. Asia and Enlight occupy half of the market in the cultural circle domestically. Being friendly on the surface, the well water does not intrude into the river water. However, inaveilofsecrecy, they are atloggerheads.

  Li Ruitian tilts his head and looks at Huo Yichen, “Ah? Mr. Huo is also interestedin that girl? Then, our visions are consistent. Nevertheless, I don’t think she can only be a beautiful vase. From my point of view, she is a diamond in the rough.”

  Huo Yichen shrugs his shoulders, “Maybe, but temporarily, I cannot see her attractions expect for a beautiful face.”

  Li Ruitian returns a compliment, “It is always said that swift horse are usually found but not the same as “Pak Lok”(the person who has good judgmentto spot ‘Long Distance Running Horse’). There are many vases in Asia Entertainment. It doesn’t count with or without this girl. How about Mr. Huo surrender her to Enlight Culture?”

  Huo Yichen smiles craftily, “Li, you also know it well that even if the vase is beautiful, it needs to be replaced.”

  Li Ruitian smiles too, “Since then, we can get her through our own abilities.”

  “No problem.”

  Huo Yichen raises his eyebrow, seeing Li Guang being calm and cold. He didn’t expect Mister Li, arrogant and conceited as he is, would compete with his family background. He puts aside his loftiness for Gu Yanxi, worth it?

  After quitting the stage, Gu Yanxi feels the convulsive pain with her stomach. She takes her handbag and goes to the toilet hurriedly. Then, she drinks a glass of hot water after getting back.

  Sun Leilei puts the thick clothes on Gu Yanxi’s body, “Wear it to warm you. The weather is really weirdtoday. It’s freezing at around ten degree.”

  Gu Yanxi feels so cold that goose bumps emerge on her arm, “It’s freezing here. I need to change my costume in haste. I have a Bollywood Belly dance after four programs.”

  “OK, change it hurriedly, and then change your haircut.”Sun Leilei refills Gu Yanxi’s hot water and lets her warm her hands.

  Gu Yanxi, having changed her costume, is changing her haircut when the Director of Dance Department goes to her, with his pinky up, “Gu Yanxi, you are the leading actress of the most attractive show - Flying Apsaras. Prepare yourself later.”

  Gu Yanxi tilts her head, “What do you mean? Is that Liu Manman’s program?!”

  Director Li scolds Liu Manman, with his hands on hip, “Liu Manman, that wicked girl, has screwed me when she is going to the stage. She has gone to the hospital due to her running stomach, so it is your turn again. Prepare your costume and makeup after you finish your second show, and then go to play.”

  Gu Yanxi, on his words, smiles immediately, wears one headwear on her head slowly, and says in a light voice, “Is this a good thing? I think it is a hot potato. Oh, sorry, Director Li. It’s not because of the hot potato, but I feel uncomfortable today. I am struggled to prepare for the two programs, and I don’t have the strength to play Flying Apsaras.”

  Director Li glowers at Gu Yanxi, with his pinky fingers, “Gu Yanxi, you are uncomfortable, too? I think you are doing this on purpose.”

  Gu Yanxi opens her handbag and exposes some sanitary napkins, “See. With many outstanding talents in Dance Department, the students Director Li admires are surely not only Liu Manman. Director Li, it is better to find somebody else than assign the task and issue orders to me.”

  Director Li takes his eyesight back and says with a better attitude, “Gu Yanxi, in Dance Department, besides Liu Manman, you are the only person who practicedFlying Apsaras. Your teacher has recommended you strongly, and you cannot bring shame on her, or pull down Dance Department and disgrace our college.”

  Gu Yanxi knows clearly she is the only one can dance Flying Apsaras, and that’s why she has nothing to fear.

  “Director Li, now that my teacher has recommended me strongly, why you preferred Liu Manman irresponsibly and replaced me at that time? It is Director Li who is not responsible to Dance Department, pulls down and disgraces the college, and asks me to take the responsibility. I won’t hold the bag for you. ”

  Sun Leilei embellishes on one side, “Right, Gu, you should not hold the bag. You are not a scapegoat. Even though the attractive show is screwed, Dance Department will lose face, not you. Director Li will hold the sky, if the sky falls down. Many big figures come today. If there is any accident during the show and the president calls to account, we just need to change another Director at the worst. Anyway, it is none of your business.”

  Gu Yanxi nods, “Well, quite right.”

  Gu Yanxi and Sun Leilei sing in chorus with each other, which irritates Director Li. Director Li stretches out his hand and pokes Sun Leilei’s head, “Wicked girl, which department are you from? You come here to fan up flames. Behave yourself, or I will ask the president to expel you out of school!”

  Sun Leilei crooks her nose unruly, “Fine, and then Director Li can expel me out of school. My name is Sun Leilei, freshman of Performing Department. Do you remember?”

  Hearing what Sun Leilei introduces herself, Director Li turns his face into liver color immediately. He changes the finger poking at Sun Leilei’s head to several fingers rubbing softly, “You are Sun. Your brother is my son’s leader. He told me to care for you especially.”

  Sun Leilei moves Director Li’s pinky finger away, and says, “Well, you really care for me. I will talk to my brother. Maybe, he will award your son accordingly.”

  Director Li shows a bitter face, which turns black and white. He fails to persuade Gu Yanxi to be the backup, and offends a Miss he should not offend.

  Director Li grinds his teeth and stamps his feet...

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