Chapter 44 Two conditions

  Liu Manman and Sun Leilei fight with each other at once.

  Gu Yanxi goes to drag Sun Leilei hurriedly, “Sun, Sun, stop!”

  Others also drag Liu Manman, “Stop. Your makeup is massed up, and your hair is a mess.”

  A flock of people split the two people. As a result, several buttons on Sun Leilei’s servant costume are torn off, while Liu Manman’s face was blooded, with several blood lines.

  Liu Manman looking into the mirror, goes mad, “Ah, my face! Oh my god, I have to go to perform on the stage after a while!”

  Sun Leilei is quite happy, “I am the one who beats hard! If you are not satisfied, come on, we continue!”

  Gu Yanxi drags Sun Leilei, “Sun, enough. Wash your makeup. You will be punished, if you are caught by the teachers later.”

  Sun Leilei makes a face at Gu Yanxi, “OK, I go to wash my makeup.”

  Liu Manman looks in the mirror again, with her red irritated eyes, pounces on Sun Leilei, and intends to scratch Sun Leilei’s face, while Sun Leilei is turning round.

  Gu Yanxi finds out Liu Manman’s motions, and pulls Sun Leilei to the back of her. As a result, Liu Manman’s five paws fall on Gu Yanxi’s neck, which causes four blood marks at once.

  Sun Leilei, seeing Gu Yanxi hurt, cannot bear anymore. She is about to swoop down to Liu Manman, when Gu Yanxi takes her apart hurriedly and comforts her.

  Sun Leilei rolls her eyes and doesn’t swoop down to Liu Manman anymore. She takes out her phone and cries after coming on the line, “Brother, brother, woo...somebody hits me, who? The daughter of the bitch who clings to our dad. Yes, it’s Liu Manman. She hits me, and scolds me, my mom and you. She says I am a shit. ”

  After Sun Leilei dials the phone and cries out, not only Gu Yanxi jumps on her mind, but also Liu Manman has quite a surprise.

  Liu Manman shivers, and then she shouts out immediately, “My sister’s name is Chen Siyu, not Sun Leilei. You fake!”

  Sun Leilei sneers, “I was not allowed to go to the Art Academy. However, my families failed to persuade me and asked me to use another name. Sun Leilei is my stage name, and Sun is my mother’s family name. So What? Do you have a problem with that? You can beat me, if you have any problem. How daring you are to say I am your sister?! You have no qualificationto enter Chen’s house. You even don’t know me. How could you name me sister? Well, my brother loves me most. You just need to find your teeth on the ground and get out of Jingzhou!”

  Liu Manman, scared as she is, sinks down on the ground and doesn’t stand up.

  Why is Liu Manman so scared of Chen Family? Chen Family treats her bad. Liu Manman’s father - Chen Chong is neither a business man nor a rich man. But Chen Chong has power, who is a senior officer in Jingzhou.

  Twenty years ago, Chen Chong was a secretary general of municipal party committee in a small place. He had got married and had a son, living a happy life. However, he was schemed and drugged by a new woman clerk in his section, so he slept with that woman. This clerk is Liu Manman’s mother - Liu Ruping. Liu Ruping took a fancy to Chen Chong’s position and wanted to blackmail him so as to get promotion. But she hardly knew Chen Chong was not manipulated by her at all.

  Liu Ruping, a cornered beast, did something desperate to send their sleeping photos to Chen Chong’s rival and got a large sum of money. As a result, Chen Chong was degraded into a county town as a secretary, due to his ethical conduct issue. And after that, Liu Ruping found that she had Chen Chong’s baby and wanted to abort the child. She heard Chen Chong’s superior admired him and recalled him back to the city with another position, when she went to the hospital, which was apparently descended but actually ascended.

  Liu Ruping changed her idea at once and gave birth to Liu Manman secretly, in order to blackmail Chen Chong with this child. However, Chen Chong didn’t accept the blackmail. After a series of legal suits, the conclusion was that Chen Chong gave Liu Manman a legal alimony annually.

  Twenty years ago, Chen Chong was almost screwed in Liu Ruping’s hand. During the next twenty years, He has paid the alimony to Liu Manman and her mother. He was supposed to climb the career ladder rapidly, but his career was ruined by Liu Ruping. He hates Liu Manman and her mother. His elder son - Chen Sihan hates them even more. Now, they thank God if Chen Sihan doesn’t trouble them, and Liu Manman even makes troubles for his beloved sister, which equals to waking up a sleeping dog.

  Liu Manman didn’t expect Sun Leilei has such a relationship with her. And now she really regrets to provoke Sun Leilei for an immediate pleasure.

  Someone is calling Gu Yanxi to get herself prepared on the exit of the stage, and the next program is her Latin dance.

  Gu Yanxi, seeing Liu Maman sit down on the ground and Sun Leilei hold her head high, knows Sun Leilei hasn’t suffered loss, and then she goes to prepare her program hurriedly.

  Meanwhile, after assessing the situation, Liu Manman goes to beg Sun Leilei humbly and shamelessly, “Leilei, it’s all my fault just now. I don’t know you are my sister. Leilei, no matter you admit or not, the reality is that I am your sister. We are family, and is there anything we cannot forgive for families? I can do anything you want, as long as you tell your brother all of these are misunderstanding.”

  Sun Leilei cleans her makeup, while saying slowly, “I do not have a shameless sister who robbed other woman’s husband.”

  Liu Manman says with a smiling face, “Leilei, it is out of control for two of a kind. Please, tell me how you can let me go.”

  Sun Leilei, holding her chin with his hand, says after some consideration, “I am not a stingy person. Now that you beg me like this, I will provide you two conditions. First, you are forbidden to be the leading actress of Flying Apsaras. I remember Gu was the leading actress.”

  This is a chance that Liu Manman tries not to offend Chen Family.

  Liu Manman grits her teeth, “OK. I promise you.”

  Sun Leilei is overjoyed and stretches out her second finger, “Second, don’t show up in front of me. That is to say, get out of the college. Do not ruin the ethos at the college. Or, I am bound to ask my brother to expel you out of Jingzhou!”

  Liu Manman, angry as she is, shivers convulsively, and she didn’t expect the second condition is harsher than the first one.

  The backstage is surging, while the show on the stage is going on. Due to the news from Sun Leilei, Gu Yanxi is not surprised at all, when she sees Huo Yichen sit among the audience, as if Huo Yichen was a mess of air.

  Gu Yanxi’s dancing partner is a tall and thin man, quite handsome.

  Ten couples are playing at the same time. The men are wearing red doublets and black pants, while the women are wearing black bodices and red skirts. Latin clothes can hardly cover the body with extreme skirts. Once the show begins, the nude pantyhose is clinging to every curve, as if the actresses were naked.

  The actresses, dressing like this every day from childhood, get used to it. Since they rehearse with their partners every day, they get used to such physical contact.

  But Huo Yichen doesn’t get used to this kind of physical contact.

  He sits on the VIP seat which is in the middle position of the first row. He sits close to the stage, and gets a clear view of every expression and hugging of the dancers on the stage. Especially when the dance motion is big - kicking, or the dance partner’s hugging and lifting up the actress.

  Huo Yichen narrows his eyes. What’s wrong with Gu Yanxi’s neck?

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