Chapter 43 Get herself into trouble due to her mouth base

  At that night, Gu Yanxi is still fearful while thinking of that scene. The consequences would be disastrous, if there is any flaw in a link. Although she brought the anti-wolf riot and pepper spray, all these cannot work if there are many people.

  Gu Yanxi has played cat and mouse with Gu Zi’an for twice, considering that Gu Zi’an would spy on her secretly, and he would not turn a deaf ear to watching her in danger. But all of these are Gu Yanxi’s speculation, and whether Gu Zi’an would occur or not is unknown. Therefore, Gu Yanxi called the nurse and said she cared about her brother’s health while leaving school, and if her brother felt bored and went out, the nurse must call her.

  The nurse, a practical woman, kept an eye on Gu Zi’an. Gu Yanxi got the call from the nurse and confirmed Gu Zi’an had went out of the hospital, and then she went to the No.78 house. All her scheme relies on her luck. Fortunately, she has the pendulum on her side.

  Gu Zi’an told Gu Yanxi that he had been on the alert against Liu Manman and transferred all the stuff in Liu Manman’s hands. But he didn’t expect Liu Manman was so impatient and hooked up with Xiao Zijian, coveting the properties of Gu Family. If Gu Yanxi hadn’t remind Gu Zi’an, he would not pay attention to Liu Manman’s tracks.

  Gu Zi’an also said the properties of Gu Family would belong to Gu forever, no matter they are in the hands of Gu Yanxi’s father or in his hands. All of these were instigated by Xiao Zijian and Liu Manman, and he was not mean to it. Gu Zi’an throws all fault to Xiao Zijian, beats Xiao Zijian to a half-dead man, and throws him to the sea in Gu Yanxi’s presence.

  Gu Yanxi doesn’t think Gu Zi’an is ruthless, because Xiao Zijian deserves this! Xiao Zijian deserves to be the scapegoat.

  But meanwhile, Gu Yanxi is clear that after she removes Xiao Zijian and defeats Liu Manman, the power of the properties of Gu Family will be much more centralized to Gu Zi’an. Her revenge has not finished, but just began.

  Gu Zi’an, in order to express his honesty and regret, gives back all the ornaments to Gu Yanxi as well as the marriage house, which means that Gu Yanxi has no need to worry about money any more. Gu Yanxi stows her ornaments and the certificate of the house property to the bank, and then she feels relieved.

  However, this is not Gu Yanxi’s purpose; what she wants is all the properties of Gu Family.

  Sun Leilei steps forward and pats Gu Yanxi, “Gu, everybody is makeup. What are you thinking now?”

  Gu Yanxi lifts up her head, “It’s cold at the backstage. I drink some hot water to warm myself.”

  Sun Leilei smiles happily, “You are wearing the dancing costume, with your arms and legs exposed, and surely you are cold. By contrast, I am wearing a ragged cotton-padded jacket. I feel very warm.”

  Gu Yanxi plucks the ragged jacket on Sun Leilei’s body and smiles, “You dress yourself as a servant girl. You are destined to be a servant.”

  Sun Leilei is unhappy, “This is the first step to conduct counterattack. And I will be a Miss later. Well, my play is going to start. Hurry up and finish your makeup.”

  Gu Yanxi nods and goes to the dresser to makeup, with her coat on. Gu Yanxi takes her time easy, because her two programs are in the middle of the programs.

  Twenty minutes later, some actors finish their programs. Sun Leilei comes to Gu Yanxi and shouts to her, without cleaning her makeup, “Gu, Gu, let me tell you an exciting news. I was acting on the stage. Guess who I saw in the audience?”

  “Who?”Gu Yanxi, drawing her eye shadow in front of a mirror, asks carelessly.

  “The boss of Asia Entertainment - Huo Yichen and the boss of Enlight Culture - Li Ruitian! OMG, I am too excited. This is the first time that I saw the two giants in the cultural circle domestically sit together. Some famous domestic directors sit around the two giants. And what’s more, Li gets back, sitting next to his father!”

  Gu Yanxi slips her hand to draw her eye shadow and leaves a golden eye-shadow power on her face.

  How could that possible? The autumn show of the college in October is quite important, and some directors and film producers take this chance to cast actors, but normally they come from unknown companies. After all, these programs are performed by students, which cannot catch the attention of heavyweight. So what’s happened, why those giants of the cultural and entertainment circle come here today?

  Gu Yanxi tilts her head and glances at Liu Manman. “No wonder she is so active, and says there will be big shots in the audience and she gets a chance.”Gu Yanxi thinks.

  Sun Leilei, without knowing Gu Yanxi’s mental activities, takes a tissue paper to wipe Gu Yanxi’s face, “See, you get stunned, and your hands are shaking. I got spooked while acting on the stage; even if I have two lines, I almost went wrong in my lines.”

  Gu Yanxi takes the tissue paper in Sun Leilei’s hand and wipes the eye-shadow power on her face, “En, hearing your words, I also get nervous. Do you have other programs later? Take charge of that. ”

  Sun Leilei whispers in Gu Yanxi’s ears conspiratorially, “I am a fresh. I sought back gate for being a servant girl with two lines. See, Luo even doesn’t have a chance to perform on the stage.”

  Gu Yanxi, staring at Sun Leilei, exchanges a knowing look with Sun Leilei.

  Sun Leilei delivers a lipstick to Gu Yanxi, “Gu, your lips are pale, just like a piece of paper. You’d better put on some lipstick to attract more eyes of barons, and then you will fly up in the sky.”

  Liu Manman, angry as she as, cannot help saying enigmatically, “A feathered phoenix is inferior to a chicken. The one climbs high will fall heavily.”

  Sun Leilei scolds back, “Liu Manman, you’re talking about yourself. I heard Gu Zi’an got divorced with you, and you were sent away empty. You are a true portrayal of falling heavily due to a higher climb.”

  Liu Manman tilts her head angrily, “It’s none of your business about me and Gu Zi’an. I mean the Guru - Li, he is out of Gu Yanxi’s league. He abandons Gu Yanxi, after he is bored of her body.”

  “No ivory will come of a dog’s mouth. You really need a spanking!”Sun Leilei, who has a hot temper, is easy to get irritated.

  Gu Yanxi drags Sun Leilei, “Sun, here is the backstage and the show is about to begin. Set store by overall interests. If a dog bites you, you have no need to bite it back.”

  Sun Leilei puts her anger aside, but she is still angry. She says, “Gu, you have a good temper and can bear that bitch. She has rubbed me the wrong way for a long time. And she is as mean as her mistress mother. She, a bitch as she is, will live in infamy. But she flatters herself as something. ”

  For Liu Manman, her mother who has been called mistress for twenty years is her stain. She can only bear the talk from rich and powerful people in front her previously. But Sun Leilei, what the hell she is, dares to rub it in?!

  Liu Maman gives up her makeup and is going to hit Sun Leilei, “What the f*ck are you talking about! Who do you think you are? You have no right to talk about me!”

  Sun Leilei, who has the skills of his own, kicks Liu Manman with her foot, “Liu Manman, how daring you are to hit me, you are screwed!”

  “We will see, I am screwed or you are screwed!”

  “I’ll kill you!”

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