Chapter 42 The rumor is wrong

  Gu Zi’an, irritated as he is, raises his hand and slaps Liu Manman hard. His wound on his chest is affected due to the overexertion, and his head is sweaty with pain.

  Liu Manman, beaten to the ground, craws to Gu Zi’an, “Zi’an, it’s not true. This is not true. Gu Yanxi…the bitch…schemed me. Today...She schemed me today.”

  Gu Zi’an is not a full. He shields Liu Manman, but he cannot allow Liu Manman to scheme himself.

  “Liu Manman, you bitch, why did you hook up with Xiao Zijian when I was in hospital? You want to take away the firewood under the cooking pot, and replace me with another one, when I get out of hospital!”

  Liu Manman goes to hug Gu Zi’an’s wheelchair and cries, “Zi’an, it’s not true. Gu Yanxi is scheming me. I didn’t do that. I didn’t. You must trust me.”

  Gu Zi’an’s phone rings, and he takes out his phone to check, with even worse looks. He clicks the play button, and there is a dialogue between Xiao Zijian and Liu Manman. The dialogue is about how to scheme the company of Gu Family; Xiao Zijian instigated Liu Manman how to get Gu Zi’an’s signature and stamp, and then they can forge documents.

  Liu Manman knows her days have gone. She hasn’t expected Gu Zi’an would get the dialogue between she and Xiao Zijian.

  “Liu Manman, I have suspected you were restless, so I asked someone to serve as the cleaner to install a tap in the office. This is the record sent by the cleaner. What do you want to explain?”

  Liu Manman doesn’t want to explain anymore, because she knows she can change nothing.

  Gu Zi’an is pushed out of the room by the bodyguards. Gu Yanxi turns round, while going to the yard. The door is closed, and there are four men together with Liu Manman. Liu Manman’s voice is extremely sad and rarely tragic.

  “Liu Manman, you deserve all these. You intended to hurt me, and I give it back to you!”Gu Yanxi thinks.

  In the darkness, not far from No.78, a car is parked there silently.

  After Gu Zi’an’s car has been driven away, Qin Feng climbs over the wall from No.78 silently and gets in a black car. He starts to yell, while getting in the car, “Huo Yichen, you dragged me here, looking worried and flustered. This is to bring owls to Athens. Your sweet wee wife went to the wolf den alone, with a scheduled route of retreat. She, without being harmed, schedules Liu Manman, who is raped by several men in turn. ”

  Huo Yichen, having heard what happened inside, with his brows frowning, didn’t expect the little woman is so scheming and courageous.

  Huo Yichen receives the report from his subordinate, while dinning with Qin Feng. It is said that Gu Yanxi goes to the No.78 of Victory Street alone after she revives a delivery. Huo Yichen feels that something is wrong, but he will lose face if he goes to find her. So, he drags Qin Feng here. And all things end like this.

  Huo Yichen lights a cigarette, gasps for a smoke, and leaves the cigarette burning to ashes. He says in a cold voice, “Qin Feng, is the woman I married really the princess of Gu Family - Gu Yanxi?”

  Qin Feng also lights a cigarette and takes a deep puff, “Right. I also want to ask you this question. It is rumored that the princess of Gu Family is spoiled to heaven, defiant, arrogant and lofty, big chest, no brain....”

  Huo Yichen tilts his head and glances at Qin Feng with his cold eyes, and Qin Feng changes with a flattering smile at once, “My words are not accurate. She is ingenuous, just a good-for-nothing beautiful vase. However, now it seems that the rumor is not reliable.”

  Huo Yichen throws the cigarette end out of the car and presses the throttle, and then the car is hurtling in the darkness, just like a runaway wild horse.

  “Gu Yanxi, I am really surprised. The game between us seems to be more interesting.”Huo Yichen thinks.

  Qin Feng, staring at the hazy looks on Huo Yichen’s face, cannot bear to laugh out, “Haw-haw...Huo Yichen, you intended to be a hero and let your sweet wee wife throw herself on you, just like a cat with her claws drawn. But the result is that she can save herself. Now, you feel vexed and suffocated, and want to find her to show off the husband outline?”

  Huo Yichen brakes the car all of a sudden, and the car stops with a creak after rotating 180 degree. Qin Feng, without buckling up, lays on his front helps on the windshield, with his face deformed.

  “Oh! You are so maniac!”Qin Feng gets himself off and swears, covering his face.

  Huo Yichen drives the car back. Now, he changes his mind. If he goes to meet Gu Yanxi now, he is really good-for-nothing. The husband outline should be well used on the bed. If she refuses to obey it, he will sleep with her a few times more. If he wants to see her, he can find fair and square chances. The autumn show at the college is approaching.

  Time flies. In October, the autumn show begins. This is not only a great event at the college, but also an event in the Jingzhou cultural circle. The location is Jingzhou Gymnasium, which can accommodateseveral thousands of people.

  Jingzhou College of Performing Arts is home to ten departments, and the students of each department will perform three programs. At the annual year show, there are some exciting shows performed by Performing Department, Music Department and Dance Department.

  Gu Yanxi, once the pillar of Dance Department, loses the most impressive leading actress of Flying Apsaras, but she participates in the other two programs.

  On this day, the weather is not pleasant. However, all seats are occupiedin the gymnasium. All the actors and actressesare preparing at the backstage.

  Gu Yanxi sits in the corner of the scene alone and frowns, with a cup of hot water in her hands.

  It’s really annoying. The menstruation in this month arrives several days earlier, which coincides with the autumn show. She feels painful in her lower abdomen. She eats some paregoric, in order to relieve the pain.

  Liu Manman passes Gu Yanxi, with the costume for Flying Apsarasin her hands. Seeing Gu Yanxi glance at her with a half-laugh smile, Liu Manman screams suddenly, as if someone stepped on her tail, “Gu Yanxi, don’t be inflatable. The pendulum will swing back. Although this time I failed in your hand and got divorcedwith Gu Zi’an, I will find someone better than him.”

  Gu Yanxi blames back, “You are right. The pendulum swings back, and now I get the fortune. Do you think I will give you any chance to stand up on my head?”

  Liu Manman gnashes her teeth, “The good fortune should be seized. Today, I have one chance. To be honest, there are many figures in the audience. And my leading actress of Flying Apsaras is a role catching all the eyes. While you, in a crowd, are destined to miss the opportunity.”

  “Am I? We’ll see.”Gu Yanxi, seeing Liu Mamman leave hurriedly with rage, bows her head and drinks a mouthful hot water.

  Liu Manman is not mediocre. She can bear and hibernate around Gu Yanxi and hook up with Gu Zi’an quietly, which reflects her profound scheme. She grows up being scolded, with her extremely thick cheek. Therefore, even if Liu Manman has lost half of her life due to the four men’s ruthless rape, got divorced with Gu Zi’an, and will be wiped out by a default, she doesn’t fall down, but she stands strong. Gu Yanxi really admires Liu Manman in this respect. But fortunately, Liu Manman’s roughness is not in the right place.

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