Chapter 41 Who schemes who

  Thesound of footsteps, which comes through to Gu Yanxi from behind her, is so obvious. She turns round and sees a man coming with a black cloak, and the man closes the door by the way.

  Gu Yanxi steps backward by instinct, staring at the man who lifts up his head and takes off his cloak.

  Liu Manman stares at Gu Yanxi who is clam in her eyes and laughs nastily, “Gu Yanxi, why don’t you feel surprised after seeing me?”

  Gu Yanxi takes the piece of A4 paper from her pocket, “This is not easy to get for the people working in the company of Gu Family. You, having taken a beating from me today, will likely to trick me here deliberately, so as to get your face back.”

  Liu Manman frowns, “Since you have guessed this is a trick, why do you come?”

  Gu Yanxi forces a smile, staring at that piece of paper, “For 99%, it’s a trick, and whatabout 1%? I will never miss any opportunity to take back the properties of Gu Family.”

  Liu Manman laughs out, “Gu Yanxi, how stupid you are to come to here at risks only for 1% possibility. You know, if you die here, nobody will fight against me, and nobody will consider taking back the properties of Gu Family.”

  Gu Yanxi shakes her head, “You will not kill me.”

  Liu Manman narrows her eyes, “Why do you think I will not kill you? You have driven me crazy for a long time, and I hope to have you drawn and quartered!”

  “You have no action for a long time, so you will not act now.”Gu Yanxi says calmly, “If I am right, Gu Zi’an has warned you - do not harm me.”

  Liu Manman replies unconsciously, “How could you know?”

  Gu Yanxi feels relieved secretly that what she guessed is right.

  “I grow up with Gu Zi’an, and a dozen years of feeling cannot be erased easily by you. Although he is greedy, he will surely not harm me for the old time’s sake. And about that, you can do nothing.”

  Liu Manman is angry, with her bending face. She, hating Gu Yanxi bitterly, has no chance to lay her hands on Gu Yanxi. But now, she, having cheated Gu Yanxi out of school, wants to deal with her. However, to her surprise, she is irritated by Gu Yanxi again.

  Liu Manman pats her hands, and several people come out from the darkness. All those buff men drool in front of Gu Yanxi.

  Gu Yanxi, staring at those men, shows a trace of fear, “Liu Manman, do you dare to disobey Gu Zi’an’s order? If you lay your finger on me, Gu Zi’an will not let you off!”

  Liu Manman laughs out, as if she was possessed by the devil. “Gu Yanxi, you are a bitch selling body for money. Many people want to sleep with you. You have been heard a lot. If you are caught by several men for fun, is that related to me? ”

  Gu Yanxi, seeing those men walk toward her, is scared to tremble, “Liu Manman, dirty dog!”

  “Haw-haw, dirty? You are mean! This is merely a warning. If you dare to seduce Gu Zi’an again, I will take off your clothes and let them f*ck you to death!”

  Gu Yanxi takes her phone out hurriedly and asks for help. However, she is about to dial the number, when her phone is rubbed and thrown away.

  The four men come to Gu Yanxi, press her on the dirty ground, and tear her clothes. Gu Yanxi shouts out, “Help me, help!”

  Liu Manman, who is quite pleased, takes a pile of money and throws it on the ground, “Use some energy. I give you money to let you f*ck this beauty. There is no such good deal in the world. Do your best and keep her alive.”

  The four men do their best, and Gu Yanxi’s clothes are being ragged. Suddenly, the old door is open.

  Several bodyguards with black clothes on push Gu Zi’an to the door. Gu Zi’an’s face is murderous with the cold light laid on his face.

  Liu Manman is so scared. She hasn’t expected Gu Zi’an who is in the hospital shows up here suddenly.

  “Stop!”Gu Zi’an grunts. And the professional bodyguards behind him beat the four men hard.

  Gu Yanxi, covering herself with the ragged clothes, sits on the ground and cries sadly. Gu Zi’an, who is distressed, pushes his wheelchair to Gu Yanxi and covers his coat on her body.

  “Xixi, are you OK?”

  Gu Yanxi is crying out of her breath.

  Gu Zi’an turns round angrily, with his hazy eyes, “Liu Manman, I told you not to harm her!”

  Liu Manman rolls up her eyes and says hurriedly, “No. It’s not me. It’s...It’s Gu Yanxi trade with men meanly for money. Zi’an, you see, the money on the ground are the payment from those men.”

  Gu Zi’an picks up the piece of A4 paper next to Gu Yanxi and stares at Liu Manman, “What’s this? Xixi comes for money, and why is this piece of paper here?”

  “I...I...”Liu Manman’s tongue seems to be eaten by a cat, and she hums for a while for no good excuse.

  The four men who are beaten hard confess everything - it is Liu Manman who asked them here to f*ck a girl.

  Seeing this, Liu Manman goes wobbly and runs over to Gu Zi’an, “Zi’an, I was wrong. I know I was wrong. I love you so much that I feel jealous of her, when I knew that this woman went to visit you in hospital. I was blinded by love. Zi’an, forgive me. I dare not do this anymore.”

  It seems that Gu Zi’an doesn’t want to spare his sensibilities with Liu Manman. He, seeing that Gu Yanxi is not harmed, says, “Xixi is mine, my dearest person. If you dare to lay your finger on her, I will surely let you feel that you’d rather to die.”

  Liu Manman nods hurriedly, “I see. I see.”

  Gu Zi’an comforts Gu Yanxi, “Xixi, don’t cry. Brother Zi’an is here. Don’t cry. You will be fine.”

  Gu Yanxi, crying in tears, grinds her teeth secretly. “You want to minimize the significance? I will not do as you wish!”She thinks.

  Gu Yanxi, trembling as she is, craws to pick up her phone, “Zi’an, I know you have me in your heart. I wanted to call you by instinct.”

  Gu Yanxi is too scared that her hands are trembling severely. She is supposed to slide the phone; however, she slides to her photo album. The photo of Liu Manman and Xiao Zijian comes to Gu Zi’an’s sight suddenly.

  Gu Zi’an stretches out his hand and takes her phone to check, with his face darkening with anger, “What are these? Why do you have these photos?”

  Gu Yanxi wipes her eyes and signs, “I know you are in hospital and not in the company, so I wanted to find Xiao Zijian in the company of Gu Family and ask him why my father bestowed all shares to you. I happened to see Xiao Zijian go to the underground parking, so I followed him and took these photos.”

  Gu Zi’an grabs the phone tightly, with his darkening face, “Why didn’t you show me these photos in the hospital?”

  Gu Yanxi stands up against the wall, wearing a mockery smile on her distressed face, “You would believe me, if I told you? I am afraid that you would suspect that I track them in order to take the company back or set you against.”

  Liu Manman has no idea what they are talking about. She gets close to Gu Zi’an and looks down to the photos on the phone. She, with her face turning pale at once, sits on the ground.

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