Chapter 40 You mad dog

  Huo Yichen stretches out his hands and turns Gu Yanxi’s body to face him directly. The chair slips forward and Gu Yanxi’s back waist presses against the edge of the table. Gu Yanxi, caught between the table and Huo Yichen, resembles a hot dog in the hamburger. She cannot move at all, with an absolute ambiguous posture.

  Huo Yichen hooks up his lips, with a half laugh in his eyes, “If you want to clamp to a high position, use all your lures to make me happy like other women. If you do a good job, I will consider offering you an opportunity.”

  Please him?

  Huo Yichen sleeps with her and stamps her dignity as he wishes; however, all these are not enough - he wants her to flatter him, hold him, lick his boots, and take the initiative to play various games with him like other women, only for a role?

  Gu Yanxi has traded with him with her marriage, which makes her lose all her dignity. She will not trade again.

  “The words that I told Li Guang in the toilet are to make him drop the idea forever. Actually, I have no interest in acting, neither in clamping to a high position. There are numerous women around you, so it doesn’t count with or without me. ”

  Huo Yichen’s eyes turn deep slowly, “Do you know what you just refused?”

  Gu Yanxi jokes herself, “Of course, I know. I refused the chance of becoming a famous star and letting you show off your power and prestige.”

  Huo Yichen grits his teeth tight.

  In fact, Huo Yichen knows there is nothing between Gu Yanxi and Li Guang. But the inexplicable agitation and kind of fear in the deep of his heart made him lose control of himself and act rudely to Gu Yanxi at that night. Gu Yanxi, excited as she was, wanted to end her life, but she killed another person by an odd coincidence, which makes her feel guilty and regretted. And that is not what Huo Yichen wants.

  Now, since Gu Yanxi draws a clear line with Li Guang, he wants to give her a chance, which is also a kindness as compensation. As a result, his kindness is subjected to taunt and ridicule.

  Huo Yichen’s hands on Gu Yanxi’s waist grasp tight, and chill is given out from every sweat pore on his body, “Although you know I want to show off, you don’t want to give me this chance. Gu Yanxi, don’t you forget the consequence to irritate me!”

  How could Gu Yanxi forget? So, the obligation at night is scheduled in advance prior to the dinner; what’s more, she is on the table in the study. Anyway every time, that bastard will go out of his way to humiliate her.

  And then Gu Yanxi leaves him a shell, with her spirit getting out of her body. She stares at Huo Yichen who is shameless and vulgar.

  Two people who treat dignity more important than life are doomed to lose mutually when they meet.

  What Huo Yichen wants is that Gu Yanxi admits her mistake and shows her sincere obedience. However, no matter how docile Gu Yanxi is, the pride in her bones will never decrease at all.

  The pride souls are doomed to be injured when they meet.

  Monday, at the college.

  Liu Manman is standing in the doorway of the classroom, When she sees Gu Yanxi, she intends to slap her on the face.

  The slap comes all of a sudden. Gu Yanxi turns away her head subconsciously and misses the slap. But Liu Manman grabs her hair the next second and drags her head to hit on the wall.

  Gu Yanxi stretches out her hand to press against the wall, grabs the other hand of Liu Manman, and bites her hard.

  “Ah!”Liu Manman squeals just like a pig, loosens Gu Yanxi’s head, and jumps two steps, with the two rows of teeth marks bleeding, which shows Gu Yanxi’s hard bite.

  “Gu Yanxi, you mad dog!”Liu Manman squeals, with her hand trembling.

  Gu Yanxi takes her time to tidy her hair up, “Are you saying to yourself?”

  Liu Manman grits her teeth, “Gu Yanxi, don’t be too mean. My husband is in hospital. Why did you go to see him and feed him soup? What are you up to!?”

  Gu Yanxi realizes that the nurse, a spy of Liu Manman, reported to Liu Manman at once, while she went to see Gu Zi’an.

  “Liu Manman, your husband is in hospital. As his wife, why don’t you go to accompany him? How could you have the face to question my visiting him?”

  Liu Manman narrows her eyes slightly, “This is our couple’business. It’s none of your business. Why are you so mean? Gu Zi’an has abandoned you, and you still go to visit him!”

  Gu Yanxi says in a low voice, “I went to see my dad and visited Gu Zi’an by the way. Even if Gu Zi’an has been robbed by you, we are brother and sister for a dozen years, which is the reality you cannot change.”

  Liu Manman turns round and glances at the students around. She steps forward and grits her teeth, “The reason why you visited Gu Zi’an is merely that you are brother and sister?!”

  “What do you think?”Gu Yanxi leaves, with theseambiguous words, and turns round to the classroom.

  Liu Manman clenches her fist tight nervously. Gu Zi’an has always missed Gu Yanxi and never put her down. Other people don’t know, but she - Liu Manman knows it clearly. The reason why Gu Zi’an married her is that he wanted to humiliate Gu Yanxi as a way to show his dignity and power. After some time, Gu Zi’an still cares for Gu Yanxi when his feelings disappear.

  It was Gu Yanxi who didn’t give a chance to Gu Zi’an, so Gu Zi’an could do nothing. But if Gu Yanxi takes the initiative, Gu Zi’an will go to her immediately!

  “No, I cannot let Gu Yanxi and Gu Zi’an go together again. At least not now, or what I have done will end in vain.”Liu Manman thinks.

  Gu Yanxi gets back to the dorm after one-day classes, and Luo Meijuan delivers a document bag to Gu Yanxi, “Gu, this is your express. I see it in the reception office, so I take it back for you.”

  “Thank you, Luo.”

  Gu Yanxi takes the express and looks at it. There is no sender’s name or address. She has no idea that who delivers the express. She opens the bag and finds a piece of A4 paper inside, which shows the financial expenditure of Gu Family’s properties during the last season. She didn’t understand all these terms previously; however, after something happened to Gu Family, she started to learn lessons on her own. So, she can understand a little. She finds something wrong with the financial expenditure.

  Last season is the period before her father fell ill. On the opposite side of the paper, there are some hand-written words - “To know details, please come alone to No.78 of Victory Street.”

  Gu Yanxi holds the paper tightly in her hand, takes her backpack, and strides out of the dorm.

  “Gu, where are you going? You just got back...”

  Luo Meijuan follows Gu Yanxi out, but Gu Yanxi has run away.

  No.78 of Victory Street is an old house. The walls around are very high, with the paint of the door falling and two thick copper rings hanging on the door. This house seems very horrifying, against the sunset. It is really a good place to do something bad here.

  Gu Yanxi stretches out her hands and pushes the door open. The ancient door cracks open; inside are gray tiles bungalows, and there is only one room with dim light. All these seem to be a scene in horror movies. Gu Yanxi holds the stuff in her hand tight secretly and walks to the room with light inside.

  Gu Yanxi knocks the door, but there is no sound inside. So, she pushes the door and enters the room.

  It seems that nobody lives in the room for a long time and there is a sense of mildew. There is dust on the old furniture and only one lamp with its cover is on.

  “Since you have invited me here, why do you hide?”Gu Yanxi talks into the air.

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