Chapter 39 Huo Yichen, what are you implying

  Gu Yanxi hangs up her lips with a trace of sneer. Who she met is not only Gu Zi’an but also Huo Yichen. One is a human beast with blandishment, and the other is sanctimonious but is worse than an animal. What about Li Guang? He is destined to others. He is not belonging to her in the past, nor in the future.

  “Song, I have nothing to do with him. He will not occur in front of me from now on.”

  Song Jia lets out a long sight, and doesn’t talk to her any more. Then, she goes back to read.

  The next day, Gu Yanxi is running in the morning, and Li Guang doesn’t show up. Gu Yanxi, standing in the center of the spacious playground, feels something missing in this world.

  The secondday, Song Jia tells Gu Yanxi the news from her boyfriend that Li Guang has gone to Tibet to make films.

  After that day, Gu Yanxi doesn’t go running in the morning on the playground.

  There was a sincere love in front of Gu Yanxi. It is not that she doesn’t cherish it; in fact, she doesn’t deserve it.

  Li Guang has gone to Tibet. The teachers don’t mention anything to expel Gu Yanxi or investigate the monkey business between director Li and the student. Except some occasionalgossip around, things return to normal. Liu Manman still serves as the leading actress of the dance Flying Apsaras.

  “Is that Miss Gu? Yes, we have news about Liu Manman. I will send several photos to your phone.”

  Gu Yanxi gets the phone from the detective agency, while having lunch. After that, she receives a dozen photos on her phone, which show Liu Manman and Xiao Zijian are teasing each other in the underground parking.

  Gu Yanxi jumps for joy in her heart, “Liu Manman, you really cannot wait. You have hooked up with Xiao Zijian over a few days!”

  Gu Yanxi concludes her lunch in haste and leaves without attending the classes in the afternoon. She buys some soup around the hospital and then goes to see Gu Zi’an.

  Gu Yanxi, who hasn’t seen Gu Zi’an for a few days, finds that he recovers so fast. Gu Zi’an, who had a swollen face last time, now almost recovers, with the gauze around his forehead changing into a piece of square cotton. However, since two ribs are broken, he needs to stay in bed for a retreat. Of course, Liu Manman is not here, and a nurse is manicuring his nails.

  Gu Zi’an, seeing Gu Yanxi com, lights up his glassy eyes, “Xixi, you are here.”

  Gu Yanxi puts the soup on the small table, “I go to see my dad, so I come to visit you by the way.”

  Gu Zi’an, touched as he is, waves his hand to hint the nurse to leave.

  “Have you finished your lunch? I bring some pork-rib soup.”Gu Yanxi asks softly.

  Gu Zi’an shakes his head, “I have no appetite. I don’t want to eat.”

  Gu Yanxi pours the soup into a bowel and feeds Gu Zi’an, “You must eat. You need to drink some soup, even if you don’t want to eat.”

  Gu Zi’an opens his mouth and sips one mouth of soup, with his eyes clinging to Gu Yanxi’s beautiful face, “Xixi, thanks for visiting.”

  Gu Yanxi, with slight alienation, says in a cold voice, “There is no need to thank me. You always fed me, when I was sick. You know I don’t want to owe to others.”

  Gu Zi’an sighs, “I really want go back to the carefree days in the past. Xixi was a little princess favored by everyone, while I was the knight who guarded the princess.”

  Gu Yanxi tilts her head and wipes her red eyes, taking a deep breathe, “We stop to talk about the past. The days have passed away. Where is Liu Manman? She should keep you company, when you are in hospital.”

  At the mention of Liu Manman, Gu Zi’an gets himself back to reality from memories at once, “I am in hospital; Manman takes the charge of the company affairs and goes to school. She has no time to accompany me here.”

  “Liu Manman said she would go to school? I didn’t see her at school.”Gu Yanxi says with some hint and delivers another spoon of soup.

  Gu Zi’an doesn’t open his mouth to drink at once; instead, he frowns, “Manman said she would go to school in the morning, and go to the company in the afternoon. So, she could only come here to accompany me at night, late at night. She doesn’t go to school?”

  Gu Yanxi says in a cold voice, “You need to ask her. It is better that Gu Family’s properties belong to Gu. If one day all those belong to Liu...”

  Gu Yanxi puts the soup on the table. She turns round and is about to leave.

  “Xixi, are you going to leave? Accompany me for a while.”Gu Zi’an stretches out his hand and grabs her hand.

  Gu Yanxi draws her hand back, “I come to see you for the old time’s sake. I will never forget the harm you did to me. What’s more, Liu Manman doesn’t like my visit.”

  Gu Yanxi leaves without any nonsense. She knows Gu Zi’an is suspicious, so she needs to take some time to sow discord between him and Liu Manman. Hurry will be counterproductive. She disclosesLiu Manman’s track to Gu Zi’an little by little, and lets him investigates Liu Manman himself, which will be better than she tells him.


  Gu Yanxi has to go to Yulin Villa, even if she has thousands of unwillingness.

  Gu Yanxi sees Huo Yichen’s shoes put on the top layer of the shoe rack, while changing her shoes in the doorway. She lifts up her heart suddenly, “He has been back? But the sun hasn’t set yet.”

  Gu Yanxi walks inside carefully and goes to the sofa. Nobody is there.

  Cock Sister Zhang comes to her, with a big smile, “Madam, you are back. Mister got back early. He is upstairs. This is the coffee he wants. Take it upstairs by the way, OK?”

  Gu Yanxi knows Cock Sister Zhang wants her to please Huo Yichen. Although she is not willing to take it, she takes it anyway, “OK. I can bring it upstairs. ”

  No one is in the bedroom.

  Gu Yanxi scratches her neck. Cock Sister Zhang didn’t tell her clearly, and Huo Yichen should be in the study. She puts aside her bag, turns round, and knocks the door of the study.

  “Come in.”A lukewarm permission comes out from the study.

  Gu Yanxi pushes the door, enters the room, and puts the coffee on the table, “Your coffee.”

  Huo Yichen lifts up his head, finding that it is not Cock Sister Zhang who came to deliver the coffee.

  Gu Yanxi cannot see any motions from Huo Yichen, whose eyes are brimming over with calmness. She catches her breathe secretly. Huo Yichen’s face is not so bad, maybe because she drew a clear line with Li Guang.

  “Go to close the door.”Huo Yichen says.

  “OK. Help yourself.”Gu Yanxi turns round and is going to leave.

  “Close the door. Come here.”Huo Yichen’s voice comes from the back of Gu Yanxi.

  Gu Yanxi, holding her hand tight on the handle, thought Huo Yichen wants her to close the door from outside, but what she meant is to close the door from inside. She had escaped to sleep with him last Saturday, and then she needs to make it up today?

  Gu Yanxi closes the door unwillingly and goes back slowly, “Anything else?”

  Huo Yichen pulls his chair a little backward and pats his leg, “Sit here.”

  Gu Yanxi, having considered the consequence of disobedience, bites the bullet and sits on Huo Yichen’s thigh. The chair, unable to bear two people’s weight, makes a hiss sound. She lifts up half of her body hurriedly and dares not to sit on his thigh totally.

  Huo Yichen, with his arm going through Gu Yanxi’s underarm, hugs her in his arms, breathing on the back of her neck, “You love acting?”

  Gu Yanxi, with her frozen body, says, “What?”

  “You can join Asia Entertainment by your appearance and acting skills.”Huo Yichen’s voice sounds really nice, when he is not angry.

  “Huo Yichen, what are you implying?”Gu Yanxi asks vigilantly, with gooseflesh on her neck.

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