Chapter 37 Huo Yichen makes trouble out of nothing

  Li Guang takes off his coat, puts it on Gu Yanxi’s body and tidies it up. “Go to the toilet with my coat. There is a drier in the toilet. Leave after you dry your clothes.”

  Gu Yanxi, without other thoughts, expects to leave this turbulent and breathless place as soon as possible. Having heard Li Guang’s words, she, with his coat on, strides out. But the doorway is blocked by Huo Yichen and Qin kexin.

  Gu Yanxi glances at the two people holding each other tightly and stares at Huo Yichen’s face. Huo Yichen stands there indifferently and staring at Gu Yanxi, as if he was watching a stranger, even with a sense of cold mockery in his eyes.

  HUo Yichen must have a good time at this moment. The most-hated person is humiliated by others, which equals to avenging him indirectly. So, he must be very happy. Same to herself, she felt really good when Gu Zi’an who she hates badly is beaten nearly to death.

  Gu Yanxi tidies Li Guang’s coat and says in a low voice, “Excuse me, please.”

  Huo Yichen stands still, just like a mountain. But Qin Kexin around him pulls his arm and says in a low and soft voice, “Mr. Huo, let’s go upstairs.”

  Until then, Huo Yichen takes his sights back from Gu Yanxi. He stretches out his arm and holds the girl’s slender waist; then, he bows his head and kisses on the girl’s face, “Kexin is hungry? Then, we go upstairs.’

  Huo Yichen holds the girl in his arm, pampering her very much, and the girl flushes charmingly due to her shyness. They, intimate as they are, pass Gu Yanxi, resembling a set of twins.

  Gu Yanxi sees Huo Yichen and Qin kexin off. Her husband doesn’t get angry for catching her derailment, so she feels relieved secretly. She turns round and goes to the toilet.

  In the toilet, Gu Yanxi dries her clothes with the hair drier, while laughing at herself. She and Huo Yichen should be the weirdest couple in the world. One is dwelling with men and the other is flirting with women; after encountering with each other, they can pass each other calmly, which is stranger than strangers.

  “No, it is him who acts as if nothing happened; she must get into trouble. Huo Yichen, vindictive as he is, won’t bear losing his face!”

  When she thinks of the way Huo Yichen punishes her, her legs start to shiver.

  Having dried the wet shirt, Gu Yanxi puts away the hair drier to the original position. She is about to turn round to wash her hands, when she hits on a body. Lifting up her head, she is astonished, with her pupils constricted suddenly. The man she hits on is Huo Yichen!

  The toilet for woman and men are separated in the hotel, but the washing lavabo is public. Gu Yanxi, lost in her thoughts just now, has no idea when Huo Yichen came inside. Didn’t he go to the 2ndfloor? How could he come to the toilet on the 1stfloor?!

  Gu Yanxi, seeing Huo Yichen’s unkind facial expression, steps backward hurriedly to distance herself from him. But the next second, Gu Yanxi’s arm fell into Huo Yichen’s hand.

  Huo Yichen exerts force with his wrist and pulls Gu Yanxi on him, who is clinging to him tightly. Gu Yanxi steps backward subconsciously and Huo Yichen simply steps forward, one step, two steps, and three steps until he presses her against the wall, leaving her no retreat.

  “Huo Yichen, let go of me. Someone will come in at any moment!”Gu Yanxi, scared as she is, has no trace of blood on her face, staring at the door nervously, with her hands pushing hard against his chest.

  Huo Yichen, who stands still, stretches out his hand and pinches her jaw with his forced fingers, nearly crumbing her jaw. He says in a cold voice with his hazy eyes, “Gu Yanxi, it seems that I have told you to get away from Li Guang.”

  Gu Yanxi, feeling the pain on her jaw, explains difficultly, “I...I got away from him. It was his mother who met me here.”

  Huo Yichen narrows his eyes slightly, “You mean I wronged you. I am vexatious?”

  It is very clear that Huo Yichen acts up, but how daring Gu Yanxi is to say that? She shakes her head, “This is a misunderstanding. I can take it well.”

  Huo Yichen’s view falls on the light brown casual coat on Gu Yanxi’s shoulder, “Is this a misunderstanding? You seem to have a special hobby of wearing men’s clothes. Your shirt is dry. Are you not willing to take Li Guang’s coat off?”

  How did she put on this coat? Huo Yichen has seen everything.

  Therefore, if a man loves a woman, whatever she does is right; even if she gets angry, he will take her as a charming spirit. However, if a man hates a woman, whatever she does - stand, sit or breathe is wrong to him. Although the coat was put on her body by Li Guang, Huo Yichen will find an excuse to humiliate her.

  Now that whatever she does is wrong, Gu Yanxi lifts up her head and faces Huo Yichen’s hazy eyes, saying in a low voice, “Huo Yichen, no matter you want, we can talk about it after getting home. Many people come and go in the toilet. Now since I am a mean woman selling body for money, it doesn’t matter to me one way or the other. But you are a Public Figure, and you will lose your face, if we are to be seen together.”

  Huo Yichen, narrowing his eyes slightly, hasn’t expected Gu Yanxi dares to fight back. That is not allowed absolutely. She can only be docile, submitted and obedient to him.

  Huo Yichen slides his hand down from Gu Yanxi’s chin, neck and clavicle continuously, feeling that her body is tight and trembles lightly as if she touched electricity, and then he sneers in a cold voice, “Don’t you forget that the love affairs about me never stops and I am known for romantic affairs. It’s not a big deal that I am to be seen teasing a woman? Anyway, if it is exposed, my PR team will say that it is you who seduce me for personal gain. There are numerous women like you around me, so it doesn’t count with or without you.”

  Gu Yanxi gets angry, with her eyes turning red; her teeth clenched. She thought she can restrain Huo Yichen, with the words “Public Figure”, and he will let her go for a while. However, Huo Yichen, an unabashed bastard, ignoresit.

  Huo Yichen has numerous women, and he has been caught by paparazzi for many times. He, standing high up above, masters the game rules and doesn’t care about these at all. However, Gu Yanxi cares, and what she just said is biting the bullet.

  Gu Yanxi surrenders at once, when Huo Yichen’s hand stretches out into her clothes. She should not have dignity in front of him, or any trace of revolt.

  “Please, don’t do this here.”Gu Yanxi raises her head and pleases Huo Yichen in a low voice, with tears in her red eyes, “It’s my fault. I should not pester with Li Guang. Please, don’t do this here.”

  Huo Yichen pauses the motions of his hand, staring at her red eyes. He should be excited and happy in his heart. “This is exactly what I want - make this insufferable arrogant woman bow her head to me, break her pride, and destroy her dignity.”He thinks.

  But he is not happy at all. Instead, he is quite restless. So, he bows his head and grabs Gu Yanxi’s lips hard, not kissing but biting her to give out his anger.

  Gu Yanxi, as if she fall into the icehouse, is frightened to death.

  She thought Huo Yichen, without any intention of letting her go, was going to humiliate her here. However, Huo Yichen pushes Gu Yanxi away suddenly and takes two steps backward, saying with his cold eyes, “You said you can take it well. OK, I can give you a chance.”

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