Chapter 32 Li Guang bares his heart

  Director Li hits the ceiling, with his eyes wide open, as if he was going to beat her up, “Gu Yanxi, what nonsense are you talking about? What did I do!? You...You slender me, you...”

  Director Li repeats “You”many times, with his pinky up, and then he tilts his head to President Wang, “Mr. Wang, see, she despises teachers. Those students who slander teachers cannot stay at the college! We must expel her out of school!”

  “Director Li, calm down. Take it easy.”President Wang comforts Director Li and asks Gu Yanxi, “Gu Yanxi, you said that Director Li did some monkey business. Can you put it specifically? You should know that our college will not allow any wildly gossip.”

  Gu Yanxi replies neither overbearingly nor humbly, “The Autumn Show in October is approaching; Dance Department has prepared a dance Flying Apsaras, and the original leading actress was me. However, someone went to meet Department Director and sent gifts to him. Due to the unspoken rule, my role of leading actress was replaced. Director Li, am I right? ”

  Director Li, with his bright red face, shivers with anger, “Gu Yanxi, you’re slinging mud at me! I am a teacher. How can I have unspoken rules with my students?! Evidence is everything. What you said is to slander me if you have no evidence!”

  Gu Yanxi nods, “Director Li is right. Evidence is everything, or it is slander. Do you have evidence that I engage in compensated dating at the college? You, without any evidence, will expel me out of school. Can you convince all the students at the college? Or...As a teacher, you are superior, so only the magistrates are allowed to burn down houses, while the common people are forbidden even to light lamps?”

  Director Li replies, “I...I...”

  Gu Yanxi’s words make Director Li speechless, and his face turns eggplant purple.

  President Wang says, “Gu Yanxi, you are totally wrong. The college treats everybody equally without discrimination. How could the magistrates be allowed to burn down houses, while the common people are forbidden even to light lamps? You said you were framed, so we will investigate it. And we will investigate the monkey business between Director Li and students as well.”

  Gu Yanxi nods, “I trust President Wang. The college is bound to give me a satisfactory account.”

  Director Li, nervous as he is, bends over to President Wang and is about to whisper to him. At this moment, the door of the office is opened suddenly.

  Director Li is full of anger, and now he finds an outlet. He rebukes angrily, without turning his head, “Who is it? Come in without knocking the door. What is this place for you? Vegetable market?!”

  Gu Yanxi tilts her head subconsciously, and the one comes in is Li Guang.

  Li Guang sinks his eyelids.Then, he lifts up his hand and knocks on the open door, “May I come in?”

  Hearing Li Guang’s words, Director Li gets a tingle of anticipation down his spine, and turns round in haste. Director Li shows no trace of anger at once while seeing Li Guang. He goes to Li Guang with a big smile, “Mr. Li, why are you here? It’s quite hot. You must be thirsty now. Have a cup a water, OK?”

  Li Guang, ignoring Director Li’s sweet talks, goes to Gu Yanxi directly and says in a cold voice, “President Wang, School Forum not only rumors Gu Yanxi, but also I am involved. Why do you find Gu Yanxi but not me? ”

  President Wang gives a quiet cough, “Li Guang, maybe there is some misunderstanding.”

  Li Guang, seeing Gu Yanxi lower her head, says in a more cold voice, “The reason why President Wang and Director Li finds Gu Yanxi here is that you want to expel her?”

  President Wang has no idea about how to reply to him at this moment, while Director Li steps forward hurriedly and says, “Mr. Li, let me explain. The event yesterday is not only spread at the college, but also rumored outside of school, which ruins the college reputation. President Wang and I want to figure out what happened. We will not wrong an innocent person, but we will never let a bad man off the hook. We will investigate Gu Yanxi’s rumors. How could we expel her without any investigation?! We just find her here to ask about some information.”

  “It’d better be like that.”

  Li Guang says with a lukewarm attitude, and then he stretches out his hand to pull Gu Yanxi out. Gu Yanxi tries to take her hand back in vain, and she tries twice, but she fails again.

  In the office, Director Li wipes the sweat on his forehead, and he still fears, “How could Mr. Li obsess Gu Yanxi? Now it is impossible to minimize the significance, let alone to expel Gu Yanxi!”

  President Wang sighs, “Half of the college sponsorship is from Li Family. We cannot afford to offend him. Since Li Guang has made it clear, we can only follow his idea. About the School Forum rumor, you’d better find the promulgator and ask her to delete those messages and apologize, or we will expel her out of school! She messes up the college, quite a rotten apple!”

  Director Li nods repeatedly, “I see. I will fix it.”

  Downstairs of the administrative building, Li Guang doesn’t loosen Gu Yanxi’s hand. Seeing that there are many students come and go, Gu Yanxi, anxious very much, loosens Li Guang’s fingers with all her strength, “Li, loosen your hands!”

  Li Guang, without loosening his hand, drags Gu Yanxi to the playground, where the students come and go.

  “Li, let go of me. I have damaged your reputation and brought shame on you. Can you stop coming to me for self-abandonment?”

  “You are right. My reputation has been ruined because of you. I have fallen down from the altar. Don’t you want to take the responsibility?”Li Guang stops and says to Gu Yanxi.

  Gu Yanxi freezes a moment, “What?”

  Li Guang, giving Gu Yanxi no time to react, lowers his head and kisses on her forehead. Just a quick kiss, he touches her and finishes the kiss.

  Gu Yanxi has a moment of surprise and stun, forgetting to push Li Guang away.

  “Gu Yanxi, leave your troubles to me, and I will help you handle. I have only one requirement from you: break up the relationship with that man and follow me.”Li Guang loosens Gu Yanxi and says in a low voice.

  Gu Yanxi is completely blanked at that moment. The sky is clear, and many students are coming and going, while Li Guang bares his heart to her?!

  Li Guang expresses his love to Gu Yanxi. However, Gu Yanxi, with no surprise or excitement, draws back her hand from him, and mocks herself, “Li, I feel honored that you like me. But is there any difference between you and that man to me? It is quite the same for me. I am the one to be raised and offered money, and I will be lie on the bed and sleep with you. Or the difference is that you will be gentle than that man? ”

  Li Guang, gritting his teeth, has no idea that what he has considered carefully for a whole night turns to be vulgar and casual to her. It is the first time that he expresses his love during twenty two years, and what he get is a humiliation.

  Gu Yanxi steps back and smiles to Li Guang, “Li, thanks for your kindness. But you are out of my league.”

  Li Guang, staring at Gu Yanxi who turns round and leaves, restrains his tears hard and calms down. This girl is quite different.

  Seeing from the marks on Gu Yanxi’s body yesterday, he can see that the man treated her rudely and unreasonably. He thought that Gu Yanxi would cry with joy for getting rid of that man, if he could persuade himself to accept her and express his love. However, her react runs totally counter to what he thought.

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