Chapter 29 Huo Yichen’s rage

  Gu yanxi gets back to the dorm in the dusk of the evening. The people on the way point fingers at her, and the talks are all about the stuff on School Forum. What’s more, some people say that she is too brazen to sell her body for money, coming back directly with a man’s shirt.

  Gu Yanxi gets back to the dorm woodenly, as if she was a deaf and dumb. The three girls chatting in the dorm calm down at once. They, with six eyes, stares at Gu Yanxi. Gu Yanxi, taking them as the air, gets back to her bed and lies down without taking clothes.

  Sun Leilei cannot wait any more. She is about to get up to ask her, when she is grabbed by Song Jia. Song Jia shakes her head as a warning. Luo Meiwei bites her lips and holds her words back. The three girls make eye contact and keep quiet tacitly, with no one interrupting Gu Yanxi.

  Gu Yanxi appreciates the quietness her roommates create, letting her take breath here. During a long time, her brain has been very chaotic. She thinks a lot, but her brain turns out to be blank at last. Suddenly, the phone rings suddenly.

  Gu Yanxi takes the phone and wants to turn it off. Having seen the flashing phone number, she has no courage to turn it off immediately. She answers the phone subconsciously in a lower voice, “Hello.”

  “Where are you?”The voice sounds to be poisoned.

  “In the dorm.”Gu Yanxi has goose bumps on her arms. By instinct, she is scared after hearing this voice.

  “Get out! Right away!”

  Hearing the command on the phone, Gu Yanxi puts down her phone powerlessly. Now Huo Yichen comes. He must know what happened today and comes here to send a punitive expedition.

  She doesn’t want to see him, but she cannot bear the consequence.

  Gu Yanxi grinds her teeth and gets up. Seeing that her roommates sleeping sound, she goes out quietly.

  She finds that it is raining outside after getting out of the dorm. The night rain is not heavy in September, but she feels cold when the rain falls on her body. There is more than 1000 m from the dorm to the school gate; although she trots over, the shirt on her body is wet. A black car is parked under the road lamp across the road. She goes over to the car, knocks on the car window in the back of the car to confirm whether it is Huo Yichen’s car or not.

  The window of the driver cab opens, and Huo Yichen shouts coldly, “The other side.”

  Gu Yanxi freezes a moment, “Huo Yichen drives himself today. Where is Geng Chao?”Gu Yanxi, having no time to think about it, goes to the co-pilot, opens the door, and gets on the car.

  Huo Yichen tilts his head and glances at Gu Yanxi with her wet hair sticking on her face and neck. She is wearing a thin white shirt, and the shirt is wet sticking on her body due to the rain. And the shift is a man’s shirt!

  Huo Yichen is filled with anger, and now his rage is about to break out. Before Gu Yanxi buckles up, he presses the throttle, and the car pulls out in the rain.

  Gu Yanxi, in the panic, has no time to buckle up. One of her hands is grasping the handle on the car, and the other is clutching on the seat. She knows that Huo Yichen is angry and the reason why he goes to her is to give out his anger. She thinks that Huo Yichen can only give out his anger on the bed to humiliate her and to torture her body. But now, she knows that what she thought is simple.

  Rainy day, late at night, there are not many cars on the road. Huo Yichen presses the pedal to the metal, and the car is as fast as flying. When there is a car in front, he will overtake it. The car slides like a snake several times and almost hits the car in front of his. Gu Yanxi sways to the door now and then.

  Huo Yichen thinks that Gu Yanxi will scream and entreat. However, Gu Yanxi doesn’t make a sound. She, calm as she is, showed no trace of fear in her eyes.

  Exclamation, scream and fear are all resulting from being afraid of death. Currently, Gu Yanxi is alive, and she needs to face all the tales, half-dead father, and the hatred to Gu Zi’an and Liu Manman. Death is a relief to her.

  With the rain coming down harder, the wiper keeps moving. She has no idea how long he has driven, nor his destination. She, abnormally quiet as she is, has no expression of fear at all. Suddenly, the car brakes, with no clue at all. Then, it is parked there after a creak noise.

  Gu Yanxi didn’t buckle up, and her body is straight out due to the inertia, with her head hitting on the windshield heavily. The egg-size lump has almost faded away, but now it turns to be duck-egg size. She is laying in front of the co-pilot, with her heavy and dizzy head.

  Huo Yichen grabs her clothes and pulls her back to the seat with one of his hands. He rapes and tears her clothes rudely regardless of her unconsciousness, “Gu Yanxi, I told you to keep away from Li Guang. But now you are wearing his clothes and even, you are not willing to take it off to see me. ”

  Gu Yanxi, as if she was a puppet drained out of strength, opens her eyes with all her strength and what she sees in front of her is double.

  The car inside is dim. Gu Yanxi, staring at Huo Yichen close to her, as if she was watching a ferocious monster. The wet white shirt is indeed Li Guang’s. Gu Yanxi ran out after she received the call, forgetting that she is wearing Li Guang’s shirt.


  “Not what? Not his shirt, or you don’t want to take it off!”

  His growling shivers Gu Yanxi. At this moment, Gu Yanxi doesn’t want to explain, and she is too feeble to explain. She knows that her explanation is useless, if Huo Yichen is solid with what he insists. Anyway, all what he does and says is to create a pretext for sleeping with her.

  Well, sleep with her, anyway, it is not the first time. Bedroom, bathroom, living room, and now is just in the car, so what.

  Gu Yanxi shows an indifferent smile, as if she was seeing through everything. Her eyesight and attitude irritates Huo Yichen even more.

  Don’t care? Gu Yanxi, you refuse to explain or entreat, which means that you don’t care about all of these!

  Huo Yichen’s sane is totally replaced by his anger, and evil intentions come to his mind. He unzips his pants directly, grabs Gu Yanxi’s head, and presses her head down.

  Gu Yanxi is totally blanked while her face is touching on his thigh. An unprecedented humiliation sweeps across Gu Yanxi, and she is disgusting due to her surging stomach. “This demon, should be dirty like this.”Gu Yanxi thinks to herself.

  “Gu Yanxi, you are the toy I bought for fun. It’s your only work to please me!”

  Huo Yichen’s words, just like a poisonous knife, stabs into her heart, with hot blood spraying out. She cannot bear any more. She exerts all her strength to get rid of Huo Yichen’s hands, straights her back, with her body leaning against the door, and shouts out to this man for the first time.

  “Huo Yichen, you bought me. I put off my clothes and you sleep with me as you wish. You step my dignity on the ground, I put up with it. You find every possible chance to humiliate me, and I endure it. Are these not enough? Not enough to make up for the hurt you suffered five years ago, not enough to cure your fragile heart?! Huo Yichen, I despise you! You are a salted fish turning alive, so what? Though you are rich and become a central person, so what? You are obscene and dirty in your bones, a sick hypocrite!”

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