Chapter 23 Because she knows that you are bad.

  “I went to the department to print some files, where I saw Liu Manman talking to the chief of Dance Department.”

  Looking around, Luo Meiwei lowers down her voice, “I went over to eavesdrop. Liu Manman wanted to rob your leading actress for the dance.”

  Gu Yanxi knows that Liu Manman is born to be jealous. Liu Manman envies everything that belongs to others, and she robs everything as long as it belongs to Gu Yanxi. But Liu Manman rarely goes to school - no more than two days each week. With no basic training, how can she perform Flying Apsaras?

  “Luo, thanks for telling me. But the leading actress is arranged by the teacher. As a student, I have no say. Besides, the leading actress is not so important to me.”Gu Yanxi says coldly.

  Luo Meiwei replies, “Oh, I saw you practise hard every day, and thought that you cherish this chance.”

  Gu Yaxi tries to smile, “I like dancing, and practice is my homework every day. For the opportunity, nobody can rob it from my hand, and I cannot win if it is not mine.’

  Luo Meiwei, embarrassed as she is, rubs her neck, “Gu, I didn’t know that you are so calm.”

  Gu Yanxi starts to eat. Being calm is just a disguise to grow up after she experiences all those ordeals. She values this “leading actress”opportunity, but she will not lose her demeanor to cry if the opportunity is robbed by others, while that is the purpose of Liu Manman.

  Luo Meiwei touches Gu Yanxi suddenly, “Gu, look, Guru is sitting next to our table.”

  Gu Yanxi turns round, and sees that Li Guang is eating diagonally opposite. She gathers her eyesight, takes out the tissue, and wipes the mouth of Luo Meiwei, “Anthomaniac, you are drooling.”

  Luo Meiwei flashes and says in a low voice, “Gu, most of the girls at the college are excited while seeing Guru, but you are quite calm. You don’t like him?”

  “Since he is Guru, he can only be set on the table and admired. The like will blaspheme, and you are asking for trouble. ”Gu Yanxi picks up the chopsticks, “All right, dine.”

  Li Guang, who is eating quiet, hangs up his lips cape and thinks, “So that’s how Gu Yanxi evaluates himself.”

  Friday afternoon, after school, Gu Yanxi, with a backpack on her back, leaves school to hospital to look after her father. Not far away from school, a BMW7x is parking beside Gu Yanxi. Gu Yanxi moves her step aside by instinct, and sees that the door is open. Li Mu, who was together with Gu Yanxi last time, gets off the car.

  Li Mu, a handsome Casanova, is famous for his romance. He, flipping his hair, asks Gu Yanxi, “Younger sister, where do you want to go? I can drive you there.”

  Gu Yanxi blinks her eyes and has no idea why Li Mu is so enthusiastic to her. Gu Yanxi takes a glance at the car inside by instinct, and sees that Li Guang is sitting on the copilot. Gu Yanxi takes her sight back and shakes her head, “Hi, I am going to the hospital. But there is no need to drive me there. I can take a bus.”

  “Younger sister, come on. It’s on my route.”Li Mu invites her enthusiastically, and then stretches out his hand to drag Gu Yanxi.

  Gu Yanxi has her hands behind her back hurriedly. Seeing that the bus has come, she runs over in haste while tilting her head, “The bus is coming. I need to go. Thank you.”

  After the bus drives away, Li Mu sighs and gets on the car, “Do you know why Gu Yanxi keeps cold and elegant, even she is not a princess any more? I, Li Mu, is a rich two generation, and my appearance is not so bad. But why she runs away? Or, she still has an obsession of that bad man - Gu Zi’an?”

  Li Guang is playing his phone, without lifting up his head, “Because she knows that you are a bad man too.”

  Li Mu is speechless.

  Gu Yanxi goes to the hospital to look after her father, and she stays there very late unconsciously. She wants to go back to the dorm, but she is afraid that the dorm has closed, so she takes a taxi back to Yulin Villa. She thinks that today is not the appointed day with Huo Yichen, and he is surely not at home.

  After 10 AM, Gu Yanxi gets back. Most of the lights in the villa are turned off, while several lights are on in the yard. Gu Yanxi, pressing the password to open the door, doesn’t want to make any noise to awake Cock Sister Zhang. She gets upstairs quietly in the dim moonlight. After entering bedroom, she puts her bad on the cabinet, pushes back the quilt, and lies in the bed.


  Gu Yanxi lies down and then bounces, as if she was shocked by electrical waves. There is someone on the bed!

  In the moonlight, the one raises himself up to sit, with his head against the bed. Their eyesight meets for five seconds, and after that Gu Yanxi comes back to earth to turn on the light. After turning the light on, she is so surprised that this guy doesn’t wear pajama while sleeping.

  Gu Yanxi blushes. She tilts her head uneasily and stretches out her hands to drag one corner of the quilt, trying to cover Huo Yichen’s body which she shouldn’t see, “I...I don’t know you are back.”

  Huo Yichen stretches out his hand to grab her hand which was dragging the quilt. Then, he presses Gu Yanxi evilly to the location where she tries to cover with quilt.

  “Oh!”Gu Yanxi screams this time no less than the frightened when she lied down just now. She cannot believe that Huo Yichen would act shamelessly, so she exerts all her strength to pull her hands back, with her face flushing. But Huo Yichen’s hands are just like pliers, and she cannot pull back her hands.

  “Let go of me.”Gu Yanxi cannot stop trembling. She gives out her disgust hidden deep inside her eyes.

  Nevertheless, her eyesight tightens Huo Yichen’s back teeth. It is just a prank between couples, but he feels to be humiliated by Gu Yanxi’s reaction seriously.

  “Disgusting? Don’t forget, I bought you for fun, and you have no qualification to present me this expression!”Huo Yichen’s eyes are spilling over with venom, and his words are just like a sharp knife, stubbing into Gu Yanxi’s heart directly. The first cut is the deepest, making her die without a grave.

  Gu Yanxi is stiff, and her breath seems to stop.

  “Yes, Huo Yichen bought me for fun. He pays for father’s medical expense and nurse’s salary, and he also gives me the gold card. All these need to be pay back. In return, he sleeps with and humiliates me as he wishes, using my shame to compensate the humiliation where he got from me.”Gu Yanxi thinks.

  Gu Yanxi has no right to revolt, and even her eyesight and expression will be set as what he likes.

  Gu Yanxi stands still, and the look in her eyes changes from stubborn disgust to compliance gradually, “I didn’t forget. I remember my identity. I didn’t think you...disgusting. By contrast, I am afraid that you dislike me, because I haven’t taken shower yet.”

  Gu Yanxi says in a hoarse voice, just like the lonely yellow leaves in the branches at autumn, shivering in the cold wind.

  “You are disgusting if not taking a shower.”

  Huo Yichen says “disgusting”, while pulling her off the bed without any disgust at all.

  Gu Yanxi wants to say that today is Friday. But she knows clearly that even if she speaks it out, she cannot change it. What’s more, she may irritate Huo Yichen. So, she stares at the ceiling motionlessly, just like a piece of wood.

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