Chapter 8 You seem to be a virgin


  A VVIP private room.

  When Huo Yichen entersthe room, Qin Feng is having fun. Two beauties look like his clinging vines, one is drinking wedlock wine with him and the other is touching his thigh.

  “Yichen, why are you so late?” Qin Feng pushes one of the beauties and sits in front of him, smelling him, just like a dog, “Ascent of a woman, you seem to have slept a woman.”

  Huo Yichen pushes him away, “Go away, do you have a dog nose?”

  Qin Feng gives a crafty smile, “Aha, I am right. Yourwife or lover?”

  Before Gu Yichen replies, a woman comes to himand touches his body with her soft hand resembling a snake.

  “Mr. Qin, you are always joking. Mr. Huo is single, so I guess that woman must be his lover.”

  The other woman hurries to him and pounds on his leg, while the pounds are close to his thigh, “Mr. Huo, you must be with that big star- Shen Jun,right? Mr. Huo, I also want to be an actor.Can you find me a role?A servant girl is also not bad.”

  “Get them out of here.” Huo Yichen pushes them away one in each hand without any tenderness.

  Qin Feng knows that Huo Yichen is known forhis love affairs, but actually he is quite tactful on woman. Qin Feng waves his hand and says,“You two cross the line. Fu*k off. Let him alone.”

  The two women, daringnot to obey, run out with their tails between heir legs.

  The women close the door. Huo Yichen lights a cigarette to smoke. Qin Feng smiles at him with an evil smile, “Why are you so angry? Doesn’tyour sweet wee wife serve you well on the bed?”

  Huo Yichen ignores his taunt and takes a deep draw on his cigarette.

  Qin Feng pours himself a drink and shakes it in his hand, “As far as I am concerned, you just have nothing to do. If you really want to humiliate her, just kill her with money. Why do you marry her and nurture a little girl knowingnothing? All the women here are skillful in sex and can surely serve you well. ”

  “Too dirty.” Huo Yichen says ina cold voice.

  “Your actresses arevirgin?!”Qin Feng snorts.

  Huo Yichen casts a glance at him and continues to smoke.

  Qin Feng drinks some win with an appreciative smack of his lips, “By the way, did you see the photos I send to you?Gu Zi’an and your wife went to my hotel room for sex. She is cheating on you.Do you want to keep quiet?”

  Huo Yichen throws the cigarette end to Qin Feng’swine glass, “No need to sow division. It is less than 10 minutes between you sent me the video screenshot and I saw her. Obviously, Gu Zi’an failed.”

  Qin Feng looks at the cigarette end in his wine glass and pours the wine outangrily, “What if Gu Zi’an is a just handsome, but actually a P.E?”

  Huo Yichen gazes Qin Feng, “Her clothes were dressed neatly, and the time was too short for her to come downstairs within seven minutes. Besides, I checked her body. She was clean.”

  Qin Feng gives Huo Yichen a thumb up, “I really admire you. I will show you the video. There was a cut on Gu Zi’an’s head when he rushed out angrily. Should be her.”

  Huo Yichen catches a glimpse of Qin Feng’sphone, and his lips starts to hang up with an uncanny laugh after seeing the blood on Gu Zi’an’s head.

  Qin Feng puts his phone away, “Yichen, the bastard Gu Zi’angrabbing Gu Family’s estatesstill wants to teaseGu Yanxi. If I were you, I would disable him and rubbed everything back to Gu Yanxi. Gu Yanxi would be surelygrateful to you. She would submit to your feet and serve you as you want.”

  Huo Yichen leans his back on the sofalazily, “I am waiting for her to beg me.”

  Qin Feng shakes his head, “Dude!Why do you complicate such a simple matter?”

  Gu Yanxi wakes up, as if she went back from the hell.

  Shefeels a little better after takinga long soak in a hot bath. She is supposed to go to the hospital, but it is rainingdogs and cats outside.

  Gu Yanxi sits by the window, watching the rains hit the window. She regrets to choose Dance Performance Academy.

  If she learned Business Management or Financial Laws, she would know how Gu Zi’an grabbedGu Family’s estates. Her father spoiled her too much and always said that “there is nothing to worry about”because he would take good care of her, and what she needsto do is to choose what she likes.

  Gu Yanxi learned more than 10 years of dancing with her father’s support.Of course, dancing is her best skills. However, now sheknows that what she is good atis of no use.

  Gu Yanxi sits quite a while by the window. Suddenly it occurs to her that she can ask for aprivate detective to track Liu Manman and Gu Zi’an. She believes that the flourishing of the wicked is bound to let the cat out of bag.

  She needs money to hire a private detective.

  Huo Yin provides her everything except money. If she borrowed money from Huo Yichen, he would take a chance to humiliate her again.

  She doesn’t want to be humiliated or depend on others. She shouldlive by herself. Therefore, she starts to get a job.

  Seeking various jobs fora long time and takingher skills into account, she applies for the teacher in several dance clubs. As a result, she is invited by two clubs for aninterview. At that moment, her blank eyes recover with vigor, as if she had a target and hope.

  She watches TV at night and hears that Huo Yichen is on business trip with Shen Jun.

  She doesn’t care about knowing her husband’s journey from TV or about the fact that he is accompanied byanotherwoman. She wishes that he will never go back.

  She has a good sleep and the rain ends next day. The blue clear sky is dazzling and the windcomes down with the scents of grass.

  Watching the few hundreds RMB in her pockets, she gives up to take taxi and goes to the first dancing club by bus. It is anearly-education institutionfor dancing, which is engaged inteaching children to dance. The manager is quite satisfied with her performance. Now it is in the summer vacation, when she hastwo lessons every day; after the summer vacation she teaches on weekend-two lessons on Saturday and Sunday,100 RMB for one lesson.

  She says that she will think about it, and then she goes to the second place.

  The second place is a fitness club-luxurious with membership. Many rich people are out and in, with thepurposes ofexercise and body shaping. The club has high requirements for teachers-not only professional, but also with refinement and temperament.

  It is the department manager who interviews her. It is a woman in thirties, whose name is Sister Liu.

  Wearing a career suits, Sister Liu is mature and capable. She is quite satisfied with Gu Yanxi’sappearance and profession after a dance.

  “Miss. Gu, we have several sortsof task. The Leading Dance, traditional as it is, is paid by hour, 200 RMB per hour. The One VS One Body-shaping is more relaxed, 6,000 to 10,000 RMB per month. Besides, we have gym partners.” Sister Liu introduces her the sortsof taskin the club.

  “Gym partner?” Gu Yanxi puzzles.

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